Nevada Brothel ‘The Alien Cathouse’ Embraces the Future of Sex Work

Both sex dolls and teledildonics are now on the menu, monsieur.

Among many other things, Nevada is known for being one of the very few places in the United States where the oldest profession is legal—at least when it pertains to brothels and only then when these establishments meet a very strict set of criteria.

That hasn’t stopped several from becoming popular tourist destinations for Now, however, one of the state’s brothels is seeking to boost its erotic allure by offering clients the ability to partake of its services when they are hundreds, or even thousands of miles away.

The Alien Cathouse 

This particular brothel already kinds of stands out from the competition.  

Originally owned by Dennis Hof, but now maintained by Raman Sharma, the aptly-named Alien Cathouse [NSFW] is all about trying to give visitors an other-worldly sexual experience.  

Located in Amargosa Valley, which is about a 1.5-hour drive from the Las Vegas Strip, the Cathouse is playfully UFO-styled, with its science-fiction aesthetic driven even more home through its marketing, which explains the brothel’s “Cosmic Kittens” have arrived to “bring erotic pleasure to the entire universe.”

As corny as it most definitely sounds, let’s give the Cathouse some credit at least: when so many other brothels offer more or less the usual offerings when it comes to legal prostitution, this is one establishment that is all about looking to the future.

Sex dolls as sex workers?

Sex doll brothels are nothing new.

In fact, we at Future of Sex have been reporting on the growing phenomenon for years now—and do be sure to check out our global map of sex dolls brothels. Yet so far, Alien Cathouse is one of the few more traditional venues that has expanded its erotic menu from just the services of human workers to embrace synthetic dolls and new sex technologies.

However, some clients are likely to choose the solo services of a sex dol

Rod Thompson spoke to the Daily Star on behalf of the Alien Cathouse, pointing out that some customers might not consider seeing a sex doll a novelty, but purposely seek them out 

For clients that have certain… fetishes that courtesans might not be interested in, the robot could fulfill those,

As for the make and model of the sex doll they’ll be offering, Alien Cathouse hasn’t released that information yet. But Thompson did say that it won’t be a cheap one and that, no doubt to the relief of any potential visitors, “it will be sterilized between each use.”

Pay to play with teledildonics

KIIROO Onyx Personal Sex Device

As we mentioned above, being able to play with a sex doll isn’t the only new perk on Alien’s Cathouse’s menu. As far as we’re aware, it is also the only brothel openly offering its clientele the opportunity to partake of its services remotely, via teledildonics.

So if you have the appropriate hardware on your end, and naturally pay the place’s established rate, you can interact with one of their Cosmic Kittens.

“Alien Cathouse really [caters for] towards individuals seeking to fulfill a sexual fantasy with a porn star and we are in talks with teledildonics manufacturers in regard to having each of our suites outfitted to accommodate this technology,” Thompson added.

The Alien Cathouse brothel plans to provide remote sexual connections to male clients via Kiiroo’s line of long-distance sex toys. Meanwhile, if people with vaginas are interested in similar experiences, they can connect with sex workers though one of OhMiBod’s Bluetooth vibrators. 

New erotic opportunities

As for how the women of the brothel have reacted to this move into the future of sex work, Thompson reports they have largely welcomed it.

Some of the ladies are very excited about this because they say it gives them an opportunity to give men, women or couples that chance to experience an encounter with a real courtesan at a brothel they might not normally, because of time and or distance be able to actually physically visit.

Sex work of tomorrow

The idea of Alien Cathouse offering sex dolls and, more importantly, teledildonics support, does get the imagination more than fired up.  

As with many forms of entertainment these days, sex tech is all about connectivity and making connections. But it’s pretty darned challenging to do that when you’re single. 

By offering owners of smart sex tech devices a way to have virtual encounters with real people, Alien Cathouse is also giving them a much-needed way to connect with another person—and maybe not even purely on a sexual level.  

It could even be argued that all this could be therapeutic. If, for example, someone has mobility challenges or a health situation that makes traveling problematic, then using teledildonics in a sex work context could allow them to feel less erotically and socially isolated.

But why stop there?  

Right now high-end virtual reality devices are still fairly pricey. Yet in time, you’ll likely be able to slip on your VR headset while adding remote sex devices into the mix and interact with an erotic professional who is miles away. 

New options, a whole new world

It would be short-sighted to think the mainstreaming of these sexual technologies will bring an end to human beings offering their erotic services—especially if sex workers embrace new innovations.  

If they do, it will mean that the world’s oldest profession, will expand and grow in possibilities and options.  

Stella Renée, one of Alien Cathouse’s Cosmic Kittens put it better than we ever could: “Expanding our technological and social stiletto-print is imperative. Adapt or die!”

Image sources: The Alien Cathouse/Facebook, Kiiroo, Pedro Ribeiro Simões, Evelin Karter