Brain image courtesy of Liz Henry

Neurogaming Expo Shows Where Digital Intimacy Is Headed

No controller necessary – straight for the brain

The recent NeuroGaming Conference and Expo in San Francisco focused on video games, but also pointed the way to how intimate entertainment will skip the controllers and go straight for the brain.

The first of its kind, the NeuroGaming Conference and Expo showcased mainstream physical technologies like the Microsoft Kinect alongside newer tech like Google Glass. Representatives were there from healthcare, military, and other fields.

The connection between video gaming and adult entertainment was right under the surface. For instance, the cutting-edge virtual system Oculus Rift had a booth with hands-on gaming demonstrations. The very same VR powers Sinful Robot, the adult entertainment software start-up we spoke with earlier this year.

Brain image courtesy of Liz Henry

Singularity Hub summarized the potential well:

Driven by explosive growth in computer processing, affordable sensors, and new haptic sensation technology, neurogame designers have entirely new toolkits to craft an immersive experience that simulates our waking life. Lucid journeys into the dreamscapes depicted in films like Inception may soon become possible.

The Inception movie reference falls in line with new brain technology, as we saw ourselves at this year’s TED Conference. In short, we are now able to skip the middleman and give computers direct access to our thoughts.

From brain sensors to Google Glass, the NeuroGaming Conference and Expo reflects a tipping point in removing physical barriers from our tech experiences.

We are sure there will be no shortage of entrepreneurs out there to explore the possibilities of these technologies for sexual delight and stimulation. Let’s see what they come up with.

image source:Liz Henry