Sex Show

Naughty America Offers Up Playful 3D Sex Show

While it’s not exactly sophisticated, the erotic content is entertaining.

Sex Show

Proving themselves to be the gift that keeps on giving, the folks at Naughty America [NSFW] have added another sexy offering to its ts adult entertainment site.

Billed as an interactive 3D Porn Sex Show [NSFW], it allows users to get a full 360-degree view of attractive computer-modeled men and women in various erotic situations.  

What’s there is pretty fun

It would be a stretch to call Sex Show deep, as all you can really do is see, rather than fully interact with the models.  

Still, Naughty America offers a decent range of animated poses, with male and female figures erotically interacting together or by themselves, nude or clothed in skimpy outfits.

Alas, if seeing same-sex interactions is your thing you might be disappointed as Sex Show is pretty obviously slanted toward a predominantly straight audience.

In addition to the animations, the models come with limited, and we mean really limited, audio clips: though hearing some of them, especially as they are endlessly looped, is more annoying than arousing.  

For those with VR gear, even ones as basic as the smartphone variety, Sex Show offers that option as well. It may not be high-end VR, but it’s still a nice addition for those looking for an extra level of immersion.

Finally, while a few of the clips are blocked unless you’re a paying Naughty America member, the show is predominantly free: all you need is a browser and you’re all set to go.

More from Naughty America 

Naughty America

3D Porn Sex Show [NSFW] is just another in a long line of erotic experiments from the adult entertainment company.  

Last month, for instance, we reported on Naughty America’s release of a new system allowing users to view various sex stars via hologram or superimposed over a real environment via augmented reality.

Previously, the company was newsworthy for a rather controversial—to put it mildly—take on deep fake technology by offering a way for members to replace an adult performer’s likeness with their own.  

The controversial part of this stemmed from Naughty America’s dismissive attitude that this kind of technology could be easily abused, allowing the creation of explicit videos with the faces of people who never consented to be used in this way.

More on the way

Naughty America’s Sex Show, though, hardly looks to generate that kind of attention, being that it’s a pleasant slice of erotic entertainment. 

But what is exciting is that its further proof that the people at Naughty America are obviously serious about getting out there with new and unique technologies on a regular basis.

Sure, some of them are more groundbreaking, or even controversial, than others but that they are being so experimental, and clearly enjoying the process, just shows that one day they are going to seriously rock the adult entertainment world.

Until then, we’ll fun with their other projects, and with their new Sex Show, and wait for their new big, and sexy, thing to arrive.

Image sources: Naughty America [NSFW]