More Touch Tech for Long-Distance Lovers: Hugging Shirts, Coming Soon?

It was called “Best Invention of 2006” – so where is it?

A special project of Cute Circuit – “future fashion now” – the hug shirt is not actually available now and there is still no word about when it will be available.

The idea behind the hug shirt, conceived by company co-founders Francesca Rosella and Ryan Genz, is that it has built in sensors and actuators which receive and transmit via Bluetooth data about temperature, texture, touch and emotion to another user, whether through another hug shirt, or a “virtual hug” on a cell phone or other mobile device.

Image Source: Flickr @hahatango

Of course, wearable tech isn’t just in the haute couture conceptual art communities. Art students and activists around the world are rebuilding their tech in open source environments, “hacking” popular culture and traditional clothing items for an advanced technological future, whatever that might look like.

Even big name Sony has attached their name to Hiromi Kiriki’s Nextep concept design for their wearable watch phone, which they put a date on of 2020.

Do you really think it will take that long for wearable tech to be available to the masses?