Max 2 Review: Lovense’s Upgraded Stroker Offers a Taste of Sex 2.0

A high-tech toy for long-distance sex and interactive adult content.

I have a confession to make: I’m a technophile.  

By this I mean I get more than just a little, shall we say, of a deep-down thrill playing with gadgets, gizmos, and gear—and even more so when it involves sex.

Which, as you can imagine, is why writing for Future of Sex is such a delight. It’s even doubly so today as I’ll be taking Lovense’s upgraded Max 2 out for a test drive.

Here I review the interactive stroker Max 2 and explain why I think it’s a must-have for anyone out there who has a penis: with or without having a love for sophisticated sexual technology as well. 

The great folks at Lovense also sent me a companion toy, the Nora. I’ll share my thoughts further down on how well the Max 2 and Nora work together (Note: This article contains affiliate links, meaning Future of Sex may receive a small commission if you buy a Lovense product.

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Amazing engineering

When I unboxed the Max 2, my first reaction was noticing its elegance. With its simple design and precise manufacture, the sex toy whispered to me as alluringly as any Apple or Tesla product would.  

This is perfectly reflected in the simple controls: two buttons on the side that, with this or that combination of presses, will turn the unit on, change the vibrations and/or cycle through available contractions.  

On the base of the unit are some more controls, which I’ll get to in a moment, as well as the magnetic charging point.  

This simplicity of design might, at first, make someone wonder how fun and effective the Max 2 could be. I mean, two buttons? How much fun can you have with just two buttons?

Well, the answer is a whole helluva lot. Those two buttons can do quite a lot: way more than just about anyone would need to have a really good time.  

On the bottom is another pair of controls: one sliding valve that can adjust the suction power and another that completely releases it if it becomes too much. An additional third valve exists for opening and cleaning the unit. 

But even though the controls on the unit itself are more than enough to enjoy and customize your experience, the best way to really get everything the Max 2 has to offer is to pair it with Lovense’s Android or iOS app or Lovense’s desktop client.

Next-level pleasure

But before getting to that, let’s get into how the Max 2 feels.  To give some context, I have tried several sleeve-based sex toys. While some have delivered fair to really thrilling experiences, the Max 2 pegs the meter at 11.  

For one thing, it doesn’t just vibrate but also contracts around the shaft of the penis, giving it an exceptionally arousing sensation. Some have called this a “lifelike” action. But I prefer to say that it was a uniquely erotic experience, like what sex 2.0 might be like.

The sleeve, too, is slick when it needs to be, soft as it always should be, and best of all comfortable. Never once did I feel like I was inserting a very important part of my anatomy into a machine.  

Cleaning, too, was just as easy. Just make sure the valve on the bottom is open, use a bit of warm water, and you’re all set to go again.  

Charging, too, is simple: just use the power cord with any standard USB power unit, give it an hour or so to juice up, and you’re set to enjoy yourself for a phenomenally long time.  

It might sound odd to say, but this is only the beginning of why I think this toy is so much fun: Max 2 is not just an enjoyable device, but an astonishingly smart one as well.

Wireless pleasures

Remember how I referred to Max 2 as elegant?  

Case in point: connecting it to either Lovense’s smartphone app or its desktop client was so smooth, so seamless I had to take a breath and whisper wow.  

Not only that, but they stayed connected—which is a delight as anyone who has messed with Bluetooth tech can tell you.

Not only that, but I was able to link not just the Max 2 to both the desktop and the app but do the same to the Nora as well: allowing me to control both of them at the same time.

And that level of control for both is staggering. 

You name it, and you can make either, or both, toys do it: intensity, frequency, duration, vibrations, contractions, oscillations—the closest thing I could compare it to was composing music.  

You can either do this on the fly or, better yet, create and store your favorite patterns to playback at any time.

That’s not all. Through the app, you can also set an alarm so either or both toys wake up at a certain time, respond to sounds in the environment (like moans and sighs), or play along with any music on your phone’s playlist.  

You can even share patterns with other Lovense users or with your partner, something that was a real delight to do. Sex and technology and creativity?  Now there’s a kick!

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Long-distance love

While most of the time I used both units in the same space, I did mess around with the option to use them for some long-distance fun: which, I have to say, was as smooth an experience as it was passionate. 

All you need to do is either use the app or the desktop client to send out a key to your partner that, when received and accepted, can be used to control either toy remotely.  

A personal favorite experience was having both people and toys involved link up to the same piece of music: Ravel’s Bolero never felt so good!

If you’re adventurous, you can even connect with other Lovense users for real-time toy play or just create and share patterns.

It’s an interesting experience to look at some of the user-created content and think of someone, out there in the world, taking the time to create this kind of sexual, creative, technological art for you to enjoy.

VR integration

The icing on the cake is that, through certain sites, you can also connect your Max 2 to sync to the action in adult films.

Setting it up was a bit more challenging than it probably should have been. But once that was done, it worked pretty well.  

If you’re even more tech-savvy, you can pair your interactive devices with virtual reality porn, immersing yourself directly into the action. 

A technophile’s wet dream

You definitely don’t have to get that sweet kick from playing with technology to enjoy the Max 2. 

However, for me, experiencing the skill that must have gone into its engineering, on top of the talent of Lovense’s programmers, just made it all that more arousing.

Putting aside my own predilections, I can do nothing but heartily recommend Max 2 to anyone who wants to have a truly wonderful erotic experience and has $119 to spend.  

This isn’t just a fine-made toy straight out of the box. It’s a fascinating device with a universe of potential delights: tailored by you, for you, as well as the people you also like to play with.

Sex rech can be thrilling, it can be arousing, but Max 2 takes this to a whole new level: one that is totally, and completely, exciting.  

Image sources: Lovense