Lovense’s Mirror Life

Lovense’s ‘Mirror Life’ Is a VR Sex Sim You Can Play for Free

The game integrates with the Max 2 stroker, in virtual reality and on desktop.


If you happen to have a PC, an HTC Vive headset, and Lovense’s acclaimed Max 2 stroker, then we’ve got some rather exciting news for you! 

The virtual reality sex sim game Mirror Life [NSFW] is currently available to download for the low, low price of free.

Don’t have a VR headset? No worries: you can still download and subsequently immerse yourself into the erotic game, which integrates with the Max 2 male masturbator, without one.  

But that’s not the only good news, as Lovense has even more interesting plans for the interactive sex game’s future.

Lovense sex game developed for the Max 2 stroker


What sets Mirror Life apart from many other VR sex games is its pedigree and its purpose: instead of being a generic game that only tangentially supports a few smart sex toys, Lovense instead created its own title with integration being its raison d’être.

The major plus to taking this approach is pretty clear: as it was developed by the folks behind the Max 2, just for that specific toy, synching one with the other is a whole lot easier.  

This also means thatLovense can really put its toy through its paces with Mirror Life, doing things with it that other, outside, game makers might not even think of.

A VR sex sim

Released initially back in July of last year, Mirror Life has gone through a series of updates, with the most recent release being 2.3.

In regards to gameplay, Mirror Life puts users in a voyeuristic perspective where they can view single female-animated characters in a range or erotic poses or put them into more explicit interactions with a partner.  

At present, it only runs on a PC, with or without an HTC Vive VR headset

However, according to Gerard Escaler, Lovense’s Chief Marketing Officer, there are plans for a Macintosh version to be released sometime in the future.

Remember how Mirror Life is free? Well, Escaler says this is not going to change anytime soon: 

Providing this as a value-added service to our customer base and do not have any plans at present to monetize this.

What’s coming next

future plans Lovense

Back to future plans, Lovense far from considers Mirror Life to be over and done with, and not because of developmental tweaks now and then.  

While the sex tech company isn’t letting the high-tech cat out of its virtual reality bag, for obvious reasons, Escaler did say the team is working on some visual and play improvements.

The highly sought-after addition of new female characters for the game, along with an upcoming release of an editing system where users can create their own new characters.

A great addition to a great toy

Even without using it to add an extra level of fun to Mirror Life, Lovense’s Max 2 is still an extremely well made and thoroughly enjoyable device.

And I speak from experience, having the pleasure—and then some—of giving it a thorough test drive last year.  

Without rehashing too much of my previous review, let’s just say that I found it amazingly well-engineered, in its hardware as well as on the software side of things.  

This last was delightfully evidenced by how seamlessly it connected to the Lovense app, for better control of the toy’s action, as well as to other Lovense toys.  

Sadly, being an Apple Kool-aid drinker I won’t have the opportunity to test out my Max 2 with Mirror Life, having to wait until that promised Apple version is finally released.

Beyond the game

Lovense’s Mirror Life

Lovense’s release of Mirror Life offers some rather interesting food for thought, predominantly that other sex tech developers might join in on the idea of creating their own, specialized content.  

The downside of this is that, unless they are as dedicated and customer-focused as Lovense clearly is, they might end up releasing erotic experiences that just won’t measure up.  

Still, even then something less like a game and more of an interactive tech demo could still be enjoyable for customers to fiddle around with, and even a novel way for a developer to show off what their devices are capable of.

Lovense, though, is taking in my opinion the best approach: taking the time to make something that works excellently with the Max 2 and, better yet, is enjoyable in its own right.  

Not only that but Lovense is in this for the long haul, not seeing Mirror Life as just a toss-away marketing thing but rather something bigger, where users will have the freedom to engage in all kinds of erotic experiences.  

“Our long-term vision is to create a virtual ecosystem,” Escaler said. 

He added his company wants it to take it to a place “where players can freely explore the environment and in-game characters.”

Image sources: Mirror Life/Lovense