LifeSelector Review: Choose-Your-Own Adventure Sex Games That Offer No Wrong Choices

These adult storylines are chosen and supported by crowdfunding. 

We’ve received quite a treat from the folks over at LifeSelector [NSFW], having been given the awesome opportunity to review its hybrid game/pornography offerings.

Before now I had never heard of LifeSelector, which is surprising considering just how enormous this site is!

[WARNING: The censored screenshots below may not be safe for (your) work] 

What is LifeSelector?

I’m sure we all remember those amazing choose-your-own-adventure books growing up. At the end of each scene, you were given a few options on what you, the protagonist, could do next.

Then you’d turn over to the page, read a bit more, and perhaps realize you made the wrong choice and flip back (Yup, I cheated at choose-your-own-adventure novels as a kid, now everyone knows). Anyway. segway aside, LifeSelector is the grown-up version of that, except with pornography, and no wrong choices.

So in case that intro didn’t frame the premise of LifeSelector well enough for you, let’s do a rundown on how it differs from other more generic adult sites.

How does it work?

After logging into LifeSelector [NSFW] for the first time, if you manage to avoid going blind from the sheer visual bombardment of content, you choose a “show,” which is a small story-driven adult game/film.

Each show is divided into small segments. At the end of each segment, you are given up to three options on how to proceed next, like a choose-your-own-adventure book.

The first segment of each story is free to watch, but when the “choose-your-own sex” options appear at the end, you’re given the choice to watch further. To continue, however, you must spend “credits” in order to see how your decision played out.

The action that follows is always something sexy, by the way. You don’t need to worry too much about getting a “game over” by choosing an action like, “go home” or “mow the lawn.”

Each decision you make costs only a few credits, the early options may ask for 3 credits with later options upping the ante to 15+ credits.

But don’t let that dissuade you from LifeSelector as “credits” are relatively inexpensive.

At the time of writing this review, you can purchase yourself 100 credits for less than $10. And believe me, 100 credits can certainly last you a while as long as you’re not planning on binge-watching LifeSelector like you do Netflix.

A unique service

I’ve certainly seen my share of adult content, but LifeSelector brings something unique to the table: a layer of uncertain mystery, interactivity, and an overwhelming array of content.

When you’re dealt your hand of sexy choices and decide how to proceed, you’re never exactly sure of where that decision may lead. I mean sure, your getting sex, but that’s just a little too broad of a statement.

In an age where people are shying away from monthly subscription-based adult content in favor of the trillions of terabytes of free pornography on the internet, I have to admit LifeSelector certainly seems to have found its market in the form of XXX microtransactions.

This move away from huge subscription fees is pretty innovative and it’s always good to see sites trying out new strategies to make the premium adult content fit into what has essentially become a literal free market.

Another unique feature of LifeSelector [NSFW] is the way in which new content is added to the site.

So we’ve already covered how LifeSelector is using microtransactions to get users to re-embrace the days of paying for adult content. But the way the content is chosen and paid for on the LifeSelector platform is through crowdfunding. Just like Kickstarter, but for pornography.

Creating a single interactive experience is a flat $12,000. The totals are shown as more donations are added to the pool and each crowd-funded project also includes stretch goals for additional content starring the actress.

I really have to admit LifeSelector has definitely impressed me with its ingenuity and willingness to experiment with new concepts.

The Verdict

If you are someone who has grown tired of conventional adult entertainment and maybe you’ve already watched everything on Pornhub [NSFW], then seriously give this site a try.

It’s free to sign up and most of the content allows you a decent preview of what you’re getting before you spend credits. You’ve really got nothing to lose.

That’s it for me today everyone. What do you think about paying for adult entertainment in the form of microtransactions rather than the more well known monthly subscription fees? Let me know in the comments

Image sources: LifeSelector [NSFW]