‘Let’s Get It On’: Motorbunny Sex Saddle Gets More Accessible with Voice Commands [VIDEO]

Cofounder Brooks Butler talks about industry trends at AVN 2020.

In January, I had the pleasure of meeting some of Motorbunny’s executives at the 2020 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo. They demonstrated how their interactive sex saddles operate and gave insights on where the sex tech industry is headed.

In the video below, set up in front of the Fappy Bunny game console and a pair of gyrating sex saddles, Motorbunny cofounder Brooks Butler talks about current trends and how his company is embracing accessibility.

The video transcript is published underneath the YouTube embed.


Brooks Butler:
Hi, I’m Brooks Butler. I’m one of the founders of Motorbunny. I’m focused on tech and app development and product development. This is Fappybunny. It’s a game we made have to integrate with our Bluetooth connector, and we’re going to make more games, and more ways to interact with your Motorbunny remotely, same room, all that. But yeah, I’m Brooks and I’m focused on the tech side.

Future of Sex:
So what would you say is the future of sex tech at least in terms of Motorbunny and even in the broader sense. So where is sex tech and sexuality going in terms of intimacy and technology?

Brooks Butler
Internet control is an obvious thing that people are doing. We’ve done that. Ours works great. I think more sensors, ways of sensing how people’s bodies are reacting and tech adapts to their body more.

I think gaming actually is going to be a big one, integrating with more platforms like cam platforms, game platforms, just more integration.

For instance, our iOS app actually integrates with Siri. So you could, for accessibility, you could say, “Hey Siri, turn Motorbunny to 11.” And it would do it.

You can even set up a automation, like dim the lights, turn on the music, set Motorbunny to 11, just when you say, “Let’s get it on,” or whatever. So that’s where we’re going, with accessibility is mainly voice commands and stuff like that.

Image sources: Jenna Owsianik