Legal Brothel in Nevada Offers Alexa-powered Sex Tape Experiences

The popular voice-recognition software helps clients record their own sex scenes.


The legal brothel Sheri’s Ranch in Nevada offers a one-of-a-kind sex tech experience. 

Located in Pahrump, approximately a one-hour drive from the Las Vegas Strip, the luxurious ranch is equipped with a sex tape room [NSFW] where the guests can create their own adult video. 

In there, four cameras are linked to a central computer. This allows recording from several angles, including POV. To leave the clients’ hands free, the cameras are activated by Alexa. 

The guest can see himself and the lady of his choice in action from the monitors placed on the wall. Plus, at the end of the session, he gets a copy of the recorded video on an SD card. 

The sex tape room also offers a voyeur experience. With voice commands, the guest can open a window blind that covers a one-way mirror. This way, the client and his courtesan can look onto the luscious gardens of the property, but nobody will be able to see them inside the room. 

As The Sun reports, the sex tape room was inaugurated in early January, 2019, in order to target CES attendees. Dena, the madam of the legal brothel, told the tabloid: “The week of the CES show is our busiest time of year, and each year we make the extra effort to introduce exciting new amenities at the Ranch.”

Since they’re independent contractors, the ladies choose how much to charge for the experience. However, they are not obligated to offer the sex tape service if they do want to for privacy reasons

Nevada is the only US state to allow legal prostitution, as long as it happens inside licensed brothels like Sheri’s Ranch. However, paying for sex isn’t legal everywhere across the state. 

The counties with over 700,000 residents, including Clark County where Las Vegas is located, aren’t allowed to have legal brothels. Others just decided independently to ban prostitution.

Additionally, legal brothels are required to abide by certain rules, like having the prostitutes use condoms and get regularly tested for STIs. 

In an era where sex robots and VR porn experiences threaten to replace flesh-and-blood sex workers, the Alexa-powered experience at Sheri’s room sounds like a clever way to combine new technologies with human companionship.

It could also attract the younger spectrum of a brothel’s potential audience, i.e., Millennials who would rather watch adult videos at home rather than engaging with a prostitute. 

Only time will tell if other brothels will follow their lead and implement this kind of technology, both in the US and abroad. 

Image sources: Satori Sun/Wikimedia Commons