Kiiroo Releases ‘Power’ and ‘Tight Fit’ Sex Sleeves for Titan Stroker

Remote sex company expands options for its lower-cost male masturbator.

Two male stroker sex sleeves are displayed. One that is clear, and another below that is black.

If you have a penis or know someone who does, then we’ve got some exciting news for you! 

Remote sex toy company Kiiroo has released a pair of brand new sleeves for its interactive and vibrating masturbator, Titan.

Meet the ‘Power’ and “Tight Fit’ sex sleeves

Kiiroo launched Titan last year with the ability to wirelessly sync to adult videos and other sex toys. It has nine motors, delivers six vibrational sensations, and comes with a TPE sleeve.

Now there are two more options to add to your erotic arsenal.

The first of these new sleeves is aptly named Power, and it is designed “for those looking to increase their strength and stamina in bed.”

The second sleeve has been dubbed Tight Fit due to its narrow chamber meant to simulate realistic anal sex.

Both sleeves are available for $39 each, or $69 for both. If you want to get the sleeves as well as a Titan, the bundle costs $185.

Support for Titan

What’s cool about the release of the Power and Tight Fit sleeves, beyond the pleasures both of them offer users, is they demonstrate Kiiroo’s investment in the Titan hardware platform.

Of Kiiroo’s three male strokers — the Onyx, Fleshlight Launch, and Titan—the standalone Titan is the least expensive, costing $149.

This means that if you’ve invested in owning a Titan, you will likely see more upgrades and support options for it in the future.

Image sources: Kiiroo