Kiiroo and BaDoinkVRs

Kiiroo and BaDoinkVR’s New Partnership to Mix Virtual Reality and Interactive Sex Toys

The sex tech revolution continues with this latest announcement.

Kiiroo and BaDoinkVRs

Two serious players in sex tech have joined forces to create what they call “an unprecedented virtual reality experience.”

According to a press release, Kiiroo [NSFW] and BaDoinkVR [NSFW]—pioneers in teledildonics and virtual reality adult entertainment respectively—aim to bring about a new level of immersion that will allow users to both see and feel more freely and realistically than ever before.

This new deal means that users can engage with stereoscopic virtual reality adult entertainment with 180° and 360° perspectives while using Kiiroo’s leading product, the Onyx, to enhance their sensuality and sex experience.

The Onyx—the popular and highly advanced male sex sleeve—will sync in real time with virtual reality videos provided by BaDoinkVR. The user will literally feel the benefit as each and every thrust and stroke will be reciprocated as the action unfolds. It’s without a doubt a most exciting prospect.

Both companies will bring forth a plethora of brand new content that will not only titillate, but educate and instruct. Some of the biggest names in adult entertainment will be brought on board to star in VR videos designed to improve the viewers’ sex lives through careful instruction and application, says the press release.

“Our partnership with Kiiroo underscores our continued commitment to driving the evolution of the category making it the highest-quality immersive and interactive experience possible, and striving ultimately to envelop the consumer in an experience that achieves telepresence,” said Todd Glider, CEO of CM Productions and BaDoinkVR.

With this exciting evolution in sex tech on the horizon, we can only imagine what lies in store. Our own recent coverage of the partnership between Lovense and VirtualRealPorn [NSFW]—as well as the advances in holographic sex from HoloFilm Productions—shows that the potential to revolutionize sex and relationships is just around the corner.

Glider’s mention of telepresence and the current drive to make sex tech a key part of sexual experiences could alter the way relationships are conducted.

We may soon be able to indulge in play with our partners using a combination of virtual reality, teledildonics, and haptic technology that will make our lovers look and feel as if they are right there in the room with us.

As ever in the world of sex tech, the possibilities and future are both endless and bright.

Image source: BaDoinkVR