Zoom Alternatives to Keep Virtual Orgies

Keep Virtual Orgies on the Agenda with These Zoom Alternatives

You can still enjoy group sex online thanks to various video call platforms. 

Zoom Alternatives to Keep Virtual Orgies

After numerous reports that Zoom is shutting down sexual behavior on the virtual conferencing platform, it has become apparent that a safe, private alternative to Zoom was needed.

Not only has Zoom been accused of spying on its users’ sexual habits but concerns have risen about vulnerabilities in the platform that have allowed for racist abuse and non-consensual sharing of pornogrpahic content.

Use of video-conferencing software for cybersex goes back decades

The public using video-conferencing software for cybersex is not anything new.

Back in 1998, Andrew Leonard wrote of how the Microsoft video-conferencing software, NetMeeting (now discontinued), was being given for free to Internet Explorer 4.0 users and those who installed the latest Windows operating system.

The mass-availability of the software in effect launched “a 24-hour international sex orgy,” much to the displeasure of NetMeeting product manager Tom Laemmel. It also caught the attention of Bill Gates.

Over two decades later, technology companies are still finding their software hijacked by those looking for adult fun. However many companies seek to rule out pornographic usage and have added such restrictions to the small print of their terms of service.

One of these companies is Skype.

Although touted as a suitable alternative for virtual sex, a quick look at the terms of service warns against obscene or pornographic usage of the software and may “block, prevent delivery of or otherwise remove the content of communications as part of its effort to protect the Software, Products or its customers.”

This means that virtual orgies could face being shut down and users could find themselves banned, putting an end to the fun for everyone.

So if you’re worried about Zoom gatecrashing your orgies then here are some alternative platforms for those wanting to practice social distancing but still feel the excitement of group sex.



Newcomer, Virgy [NSFW], launched by Adult FriendFinder offers a free-to-use video-conferencing option that is tailor-made for those looking for a little group action, whilst providing some separation from your everyday work software.

Gunner Taylor, the Director of Strategic Development stated that “with large gatherings banned across the country and popular sex party clubs forced to close their doors, we wanted to create a venue geared specifically for virtual orgies.”.

However, some users could be put-off by Adult FriendFinder’s history with data security, with the company infamously suffering from a data breach in 2016, which exposed over 412 million accounts from the “world’s largest sex and swinger community.”


Another option for those in search of a safer video-conferencing alternative is Jitsi, a free and open-source platform, with videoconferencing and instant messaging. Jisti works for internet browsers—no need to install anything— as well as Android and iOS.

Jitsi is also open source, so tech-savvy users can see for themselves how secure the platform is and contribute to the code, if they wish.

The biggest advantage of Jitsi is that it is end-to-end encrypted to ensure maximum privacy for its users- provided their devices are safe from malware.

Overall, Jitsi is a great choice for those searching for a safer option for video contact, and offers its users significantly improved security whilst remaining easy-to-use and free.


Calling itself “The most secure collaboration platform”, Wire puts user safety at the top of the agenda with a platform allowing for voice and video calls, group messaging, file sharing and screen-sharing, designed to protect the data of individuals and organizations.

Featuring end-to-end encrypted chat and video apps, with options for fingerprint verification, for enhanced security, the platform uses new encryption keys for each message or video call, so even if there were to be a breach, the damage would be minimal. Furthermore, although one account can be linked to up to 8 devices, messages are encrypted for each device, to ensure high standards of security.

For those looking for a video conferencing option for virtual sex, Wire offers a secure option for putting minds at ease. Video-conferencing is not currently available on the free version of Wire, but prices start at £4 every two years for access to Wire Pro.


BigBlueButton is a web conferencing system with an open source license. The system allows for customization and modification- ideal for those looking to ensure high standards of security for their virtual fun.

Like the other alternatives, BigBlueButton offers the standard features of audio, video presentation but also offers the option to record sessions for later viewing.

This feature could be both a pro and a con for those interested in virtual orgies, so potential users will need to keep this feature in mind when considering this software option, and gather the appropriate further consent from any participants.

Virtual sex isn’t just for quarantine, for some it’s about long-term accessibility

Disability awareness consultant and sex educator Andrew Gurza targeted Zoom in a tweet that stated that when software such as Zoom places restrictions on pornographic content, it places further restrictions on the sexual expression of disabled people.

Members of the LGBT community or people who live in countries with restrictions on sexual freedom might also seek sexual contact in more private online environments.

Even when the worldwide self-isolation period is behind us, and perhaps virtual orgies are a bit less popular, it will still be important to fight back against restrictions on sexual behavior online.

We need to consider the ways such policing affects people for whom online contact may be the most appealing or only accessible option.

Image sources: Adult Friend Finder [NSFW], Andrew Gallagher, Pexels