Three sex doll heads appear in a display.

Job Posting for £35k/year Sex Doll Tester Gets ‘Overwhelming Response’

Seeking hardworking applicants passionate about love dolls.

Three sex doll heads appear in a display.

Silicone Sex World has likely dashed the dreams of many eager job seekers. After releasing a job posting for a sex doll tester last week, the UK love doll supplier said it can no longer accept any new applications.

For a position that pays a salary of up to £35,000 a year to get intimate with “the most advanced sex products on the planet,” it is no surprise the company was inundated with resumes.

On the company website, Silicone Sex World said that potential candidates for the London-based role will be shortlisted on March 20. However, the hiring team won’t be able to get back to everyone due to the high number of applications received. Sadly, no response may be the response for unlucky job seekers who didn’t make the cut.

Job responsibilities will include testing new product ranges, giving detailed feedback to manufacturers, attending industry events, and quality control. Silicone Sex World is looking for someone who has a strong eye for detail, a passion for synthetic lovers, is willing to travel, and who can work to tight deadlines.

No, you can’t apply any longer. But if you are interested in reading the full sex doll tester job posting, visit the company website here.

Image sources: Have_mercy