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Japanese VR Sex Suit Lets You Feel Realistic Sex with Anime Women

Illusion VR is pushing virtual limits again with its interactive bodysuit.

Evolutionary context

This Illusion VR sex suit isn’t a debut product and it’s unlikely to be the last of its kind. Future of Sex reported on the first collaboration between Tenga, Novint, and Illusion at the Oculus Game Jam tech conference in 2013. These three companies engineered the interactive genital stimulator section that forms part of the Illusion VR sex suit.

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The basic set-up

The Illusion VR sex suit gives the wearer simulated sexual encounters with an anime character. While she is seen through a pair of VR goggles, her cartoon breasts move if their plastic counterparts, which are attached to the suit, are fondled by the wearer.

The haptic suit also creates physical sensations of heat (body warmth) and contact with the anime character on different parts of the wearer’s body. Finally, the male sleeve moves over the wearer’s penis in sync with whatever sex act appears on screen, completing the simulated sexual experience.

The ins and outs

Tenga makes male sex toys, and is responsible for the Illusion VR sex suit. The suit comes complete with motion sensors and haptic feedback nodes, an interactive male sex sleeve, a robotic thrust arm, and touch-feedback breasts.

Illusion develops erotic and often controversial video games [NSFW]. Illusion’s multi-release title, Sexy Beach (2000-present) provides the visuals that sync with the VR sex suit.

Novint’s Falcon is a 3D haptic controller, and the “robotic thrust arm” mentioned above. Its three-pronged arm pumps the Tenga sex sleeve in sync with the Sexy Beach visuals.

The visual content is viewed through a Samsung VR headset, which communicates with the VR sex suit via Bluetooth.

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How does it (make you) feel?

Product testers with the IBTimesUK reported on a spectrum of first impressions to the virtual reality sex suit. After testing the suit, journalist Ben Skipper flatly said that virtual reality pornography was not the future. Alistair Charlton said that “the men and women were all slightly larger than you’d expect them to be, turning them into intimidating giants.” Jessica Clerkin said “as a woman, it was certainly eye-opening… I can see it really taking off.”

And an unnamed reviewer said that “It’s so realistic it would probably make people feel like they were cheating on their partners,” sardonically adding that it “will probably spell the end of civilisation. I just know some people will never, ever take that thing off.”

It might seem shocking to some, but…

The first videos of the Tenga sex sleeve used with VR, which emerged from the 2013 Oculus conference, seemed to inspire uniform shock and bemusement. And, more than one April Fool’s joke has found its way into headlines describing the Illusion VR sex suit release.

But, the fact that IBTimesUK journalists and Russia Today also used less than savory terms, including “intensely creepy,” to describe Illusion VR’s sex suit seems at odds with sales, which have reportedly taken off. An Illusion VR sex suit costs around $400 and as of April 7, Tenga reported them sold out.

Where we’re headed

The Illusion VR sex suit is the latest footprint in what may be the inevitable path toward virtual reality sex that’s indistinguishable from the “real” thing. In fact, it’s not presumptuous to assume that in the not-too-distant future, quotation marks will always be necessary around the word “real” when referring to sex.

As everyday life experiences mesh with new technologies designed to synthesize reality, “reality” itself could cease to be an absolute, and become more like an abstract concept comparable to “freedom,” “happiness” or “fulfilment.”


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