Japanese Robot Offers Holographic Augmented Reality System for Your Home

Japanese augmented-reality robot could begin a new human and computer sex revolution.

The first mainstream augmented-reality robot is almost available for pre-order, pushing the future of sex-enabled virtual reality bot closer to reality. Created by the Japanese company Different Dimensions Inc., the U-Tsu-Shi-O-Mi system combines a holographic experience with the touch of a robot. It will sell for about $5,000 USD in March.

U-Tsu-Shi-O-Mi uses what the creators call a “mixed-reality system”, meaning that it combines various technologies to make a more realistic experience. In this case, the augmented reality device uses both virtual reality glasses (visual) and a corresponding robot (physical).

The virtual reality avatar reacts to your actions, while the actual robot reacts to your movements. As shown in the video, you can walk around the robot and view her in the virtual reality relative to your real-life perspective. The robot also has built-in force feedback so it will react appropriate to stimulation, kind of like the natural resistance we feel when we shake a person’s hand.

The force feedback could to create dynamic, realistic simulations of skin-to-skin contact. The technology has the potential to bring uniquely-human experiences like hugs, kisses and intercourse to the virtual world, whether connecting distant lovers or pushing the envelope between robot and man.


In the public version, the big robot will reportedly be about 60 percent of the size and will only have the torso. In other words, the preorderable one can fit safely on a table in your home.

Based on the video, we’re looking at technology strong enough to create nearly seamless interactions. The lower the lag between our actions and virtual reality response, the more realistic the experience is for us.

Just as important is the reasonable price point. If it will run around the expected $5,000 USD, having a responsive augmented-reality robot will cost about the same as a very high-end Apple home computer.

Image source: pinktentacle3