Is Tech Making Sex a More Solo Experience?

Sexual self-expression is undergoing incredible change.

Over the years, technological advances have had a tremendous influence on how we express and experience sexuality.

Traditionally, sex has been viewed as an intimate encounter shared between two people. Today, however, that is beginning to change. Sex is starting to become a far more personal act, focusing increasingly on the experiences of a sole individual and less so on partnered sex between a couple.

Technology, of course, has played a significant role in this cultural shift. Here we share a multitude of ways sexual expression is becoming a more solo experience.

Virtual reality

While the field of virtual reality is still in its infancy, it is, nevertheless, becoming more and more mainstream. We’re witnessing various industries, including those related to health and travel, adopt the immersive technology for educational and marketing purposes.

The adult industry has, of course, also embraced virtual reality and offers various forms of VR porn and interactive adult content. By wearing virtual reality headgear, a viewer is transformed into a participant in simulated sexual environments. These experiences are becoming more authentic.

A significant difference is that, unlike partnered sex, a sexual experience that happens in virtual reality often involves just one person.

Yet while this form of sexual expression feels somewhat lonely and less satisfying than sleeping with a person in one’s physical setting, it still offers numerous perks. For instance, there is no risk of contracting a sexually transmitted infection and does not come with the same potential for rejection or embarrassment.


Virtual reality has definitely changed sex in our times. Another major influence is the development of lifelike robots and the increasing popularity of animatronic sex dolls.

Most people cannot afford sex robots currently on the market, or may not consider them realistic enough to spend thousands of dollars to purchase.

Still, there are many people who salivate at the idea of having one to call their very own. In the old days, people were eager to buy the best vibrating cock ring or the best dildo. Today, many save their earnings in hopes of acquiring a sex robot. And, who can blame them?

Sexual robots offer a personalized experience. They can be tinkered with to provide the user with the precise experience that they desire. This completely removes the need to interact with a human partner. Sex robots still have a very long way to go before they’re welcomed in homes across the world. Still, it feels like it is only a matter of time.

Online interactions

While you’re at it, you should take a look at sex online. The Internet has helped personalize sex and it has also encouraged more and more people to seek out sexual entertainment and expression alone.

It is true that the digital age allows us to connect with more and more people far away from us. As a result, many online interactions, while they may involve another person, occur between individuals who are alone in their immediate physical environments.

With basic sexting over smartphones or steamy chats in chat rooms, there isn’t much human interaction beyond the sharing of text. It is entirely up to you to pleasure yourself.

Another noteworthy factor in how tech is making sex a more solo experience is the explosion of online pornography. It is now more accessible than ever before. Plus, a lot of adult content is completely free of charge.

This gives many people the ability to find pleasure without needing someone else. They can just turn on their computer, visit their favorite website, and enjoy.


All in all, there are many factors that have pushed sexual expression toward being a more personal experience. Technology and social change have undoubtedly led the way.

Notably, many people are becoming more withdrawn and that has further accelerated the change. To protect one’s well-being and to encourage positive and meaningful sexual self-discovery, it’s crucial to reflect on personal needs, boundaries, and interests.

Virtual reality, sexual robotics, and the rise of the Internet have transformed and opened up incredible avenues for exploring sexuality.

On the one hand, they may help users learn more about themselves. On the other hand, self-reflection is critical to realizing whether or not these new ways of experiencing solo sex is helping or hurting your relationship with yourself and others.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree that technology is making sex a more solo experience, and is that a good or bad thing? Share your views in the comments section below.

Image sources: xusenru