Introducing the eJaculator: A New Male Virtual Reality Sex Toy

There’s a new hands-free VR product on the block.

The eJaculator is the latest addition to a series of male teledildonic sex toys taking advantage of developments in virtual reality technology.

At the moment, the eJaculator is still a hypothetical product currently being crowdfunded on Indiegogo. However, it looks like it’s headed for sure-fire success, having collected $15,000 of the necessary $48,000 just six days into the campaign.

The eJaculator consists of an app, a silicone sex sleeve with a plastic exterior (measuring 12 by 4 inches), a hands-free remote control, and a virtual reality (VR) headset. Note that the VR headset does not display content on its own. Instead, the headset is designed as a bracket that clamps onto a smartphone, and uses the device’s screen to display the VR videos.

Should the eJaculator make it to market, people will be able use it by following these steps:

  1. Download the eJaculator app on their smartphone
  2. Slide their phone into the VR headset
  3. Place the VR headset over their eyes
  4. Insert their penis into the sex sleeve
  5. Use the wireless remote control to select their preferred adult content

The video then starts on the VR headset and syncs with the eJaculator sex sleeve, simulating the sensations as expected from a first-person perspective.

The campaign page is unclear about whether eJaculator will create its own content or partner with another adult content company to source it. Which performers could appear in these videos also remains a mystery.

In the words of eJaculator founder and inventor, currently known simply as Steven, the device is “the best pleasure toy for men, EVER” because it’s:

  • Hands free
  • Super quiet
  • Easy to clean
  • Uses virtual reality
  • Gives a truly unique experience

Initial feedback from eJaculator beta users (as seen in the video) is positive. Quotes like “Gonna take it to a whole new level. I love it, can’t wait to get one,” and “… I cannot wait for this,” typify the responses.

According to the timeline on the Indiegogo campaign website, eJaculator will end its beta testing program and publish its mobile app in February 2016.

eJaculator claims that its VR sex sleeve is “just the beginning”, and that it has plans for both men and women in the future that will “change the way people view and experience their sexual wellness.”

Contributors to the eJaculator crowdfunding campaign will receive a lifetime 20% discount on all eJaculator products.

Could the eJaculator change the way you view your own sexual wellness?

Image source: eJaculator