A 3D printer creates a small dildo.

Infographic: The State of 3D Sex Toy Printing

Create your own X-rated toys at home with digital technology. 

A 3D printer creates a small dildo.

3D printing has become all the rage, opening up a sea of possibilities for do-it-yourself designs at home and in the workplace. The cheaper models sell for just a few hundred dollars, making the technology more affordable than ever.

Of course, it hasn’t taken long for the sexually curious to tinker with it and create 3D models for the bedroom. Right now, it’s possible to print life-size replicas of your own genitals as well as someone else’s. For those smitten with teenybopper culture, custom designs of Hello Kitty and Justin Bieber are also available for vibrators.

Be aware: 3D-printed objects often have rough surfaces that can collect bacteria. Yet, many companies are working to adapt and improve the technology so they can be safe and fun.

Check out this thorough and funky infographic from Pink Rocket below. It shows how the industry for 3D-printed sex toys is developing.

Infographic source: Pink Rocket
Image source: Marius Kintel