How Will Artificial Intelligence Transform the Future of Sex?

Anticipating our erotic lives as inexorably intertwined with technology.

When we think of tech and sex, a vibrating
dildo may pop into your mind. But not everyone’s minds will travel down a more futuristic
road and consider greater possibilities.

In reality, the way people have sex is changing. When we think about the sexual revolution, certain fetishes, toys, and kinks are at the forefront. But there is so much more that we need to be talking about. The truth is sex is beginning to integrate artificial intelligence (AI).

Since the technological revolution, the sex industry has boomed with innovation. It’s estimated by 2023, the sex toy industry will reach 35.5 billion USD, doubling its profits. But those profits aren’t only coming from dildos and vibrators, AI-driven sex toys are gaining popularity.

But can sex go AI?

The AI countdown

It’s not a matter of whether or not sex will be transformed by AI, but rather, the question is when. AI is using advanced concepts and machine learning to transform an individual’s sexual experience with sex toys.

As of now, toys such as dildos and vibrators aren’t technically considered AI since they don’t produce human-like reactions. However, new sex dolls are based on AI
technology and are more life-like
than ever.

Before, a sex doll was basically a life-size
doll with three orifices, without the ability to converse, blink, or react to
sensation. But that’s not the case anymore.

Sensors throughout the body can display robots receiving pleasure and reciprocating as well. In addition, they’re able to take past sexual experiences and learn from them.

That way, the next sexual encounter will be tailored to the individual’s sexual pleasures. Just like humans, these AI dolls can read their partners and act accordingly.

The double-edged sword of AI

Though many people are uncomfortable with the
idea of AI sex dolls, it’s not all bad. In countries with gender imbalances, such as China and
India, AI sex dolls can be used as a relief for lonely men.

Where men outnumber women by the millions, they
lack intimacy and affection; these are qualities that can be provided by AI sex
dolls. By these robots providing companionship, it fills the void which many
men, in particular, are struggling with.

Of course, reducing feelings of loneliness are
important in today’s society when everyone is glued to their smartphones and
other devices. But this also begs the question, will AI sex toys affect human
intimacy? On the one hand, you have no limits.

You’re able to do whatever you’d like with your
sex doll, whether it’s sniffing their panties, performing BDSM, or other sexual
activities. Though being limitless has its appeal, many researchers are
concerned with its effect. Will AI further widen the gap, making people less
social, empathetic, and communicative? As of now, there isn’t enough
information about AI sex toys and their psychological effects.

Professor Kathleen Ricardson, the founder of the Campaign against Sex Robots, raises a valid point:

“Sex robots emerge out of commercial and illegal ideas about sex where you don’t have to have empathy for another. You don’t have to take into account what they’re thinking and feeling and experiencing and you can objectify them.”

How will this human/robot interaction affect human/human relationships?

When it comes to AI and the sex industry, there are many unanswered questions. However, even though people are struggling to take sides, it’s clear that AI is making its way into the bedroom whether we want it to or not.