How Virtual Sex Is Changing Cheating

What constitutes infidelity is shifting as rapidly as the sex tech industry. 

The virtual world is quickly growing into our real world. With smartphone addictions and virtual reality now normal aspects of our lives, it’s harder to separate what is from what isn’t.


This separation gets more complicated when it comes to sex and the future of this formerly simple biological act.

What’s considered virtual sex, such as sexting, steamy Skype sessions, and online role-play chats, are so popular one could argue they all fall neatly into the definition of everyday sex.

The act of cheating, unfortunately, also comes with the territory. With newfangled technologies springing up like mad, it’s no wonder there’s a drive to define what qualifies cheating in the virtual realm as well.

And if we don’t define the future of cheating soon, then many hearts may start breaking faster than you can say “I told you so.”

Of course, this is easier said than done. There has recently been a flourishing of sex technologies that make it easier than ever to be virtually erotic. They are also opening up endless possibilities for being unfaithful if you have a real-life partner.

Virtual reality headset Oculus Rift and the girlfriend made specially for it allow gamers to immerse themselves into a world that seems incredibly real. The online 3D sex world Red Light Center [NSFW] lets users explore fantasies with other players with the click of a button. The hugely successful dating app Tinder makes sexting and meeting new, horny people as simple as a swipe to the right.

Relationship expert Tracey Cox pointed out in the Daily Mail that the blurry line between cheating and harmless flirtation in the virtual world can be measured by one important question. She said you should ask yourself, “Would my partner be upset if they could see what I’m doing right now?”

According to Cox, if you say yes, then you are most definitely being unfaithful.

However, the answer isn’t completely black and white. The line for many might get crossed when the virtual sex partner or app is controlled by an actual person as opposed to a computer. For others, when their partner is sexually attracted to anything besides themselves, even if it’s an inanimate object or a video game sex worker, it could be seen as adultery.

One man has admitted to having online sex with a game opponent. He’s considering leaving his real-life wife and moving halfway across the world to meet his online lover. Another real-life marriage, however, seems to be working amid honesty about one partner’s desire for a separate virtual marriage.

These situations differ only because of how comfortable the partners  seem to be about cybersex. And as with cheating in the real world, communicating with one’s partner about what is OK or not will probably still be the best way to stop infidelity in its tracks.

We can only wait and see how cheating stands up to the cutting-edge technologies of our future. One thing’s for certain though, we better hold on to our seats. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Image source: Sergey Galyonkin

Post image source: Vanity Mirror