How Sex Tech Is Improving Women’s Mental Health

Sexual empowerment, de-stigmatization, and education are changing the world for the better.

By this time we’re all pretty familiar with the physical benefits, not to mention the wonderful pleasures, that have come through the continuing development of women-focused sex tech devices. 

There’s another reason to celebrate, though. By making all these new products and sexual technologies available to women, and as women become more comfortable using them, we’re seeing a wave of a whole new kind of pleasure.  

This trend is not just satisfying more women’s erotic needs. It’s empowering women by offering them an avenue to feel better about themselves through sexual fulfillment and self-expression; it’s improving women’s mental health.


This industry is important to me on a personal level because I look at the life I want for my daughter to grow up in. I want her to have sex-esteem, self-esteem, and good mental and physical health.

The above quote is from MysteryVibe’s Chief Marketing Officer, Dominique Karetsos, in an interview with The Next Web. She beautifully addresses how the creation of female-focused sex tech is not just driven by profit, but by the motivation to make the world a better place for women.  

A good example of how this shift is happening, albeit slowly, is with the ongoing tension between the folks who run Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and women-focused sex tech.  

We covered how the boys-only club for adult entertainment technology at CES is being rightfully shaken up. The Lori Dicarlo debacle, which involved a CES-approved sex toy winning a category and then being rejected for being “obscene,” led to a policy change that, depending on how you look at it, has led to the event becoming more inclusive towards women-run and women-focused sex tech companies.

But even if CES hasn’t quite learned its lesson, their double-standards have become a major rallying-cry for female sexual empowerment and sex tech entrepreneurs—meaning that women may not have completely won this battle they most certainly will win the war.  


Another way sex tech has become a massive boon to bolstering women’s sexual expression is through it working to take the shame out of designing, building, and most of all using erotic devices.

Working in sex tech is such as empowering opportunity, but it does come with having to strike taboos. Technology is the future of sexual health and it’s really important that we focus on it because, with tech, it’s not just the product and solution that’s the greatest part. It’s the technology that busts the doors open and creates a new conversation about sex and sexual health.

This is Karetsos again from the same article, pointing out that by being vocal about her and other companies working in the industry they are drawing attention to the right for women to pursue pleasure, and have access to information about being sexually healthy.

There’s another factor involved, as well. By making the design of sex tech visually alluring and non-threatening, they are changing how many women feel about sex itself.  

These companies are out and proud of what they are doing and building, taking what used to be shamefully private and sharing it for everyone to see and enjoy, without shame or guilt.

This is clear by taking even the briefest of looks at where sex tech is now being sold, Now all kinds of devices are sold proudly in public at online retailers like Amazon, or well-lit and welcoming brick-and=mortar stores like Urban Outfitters  


10 years ago, we spoke about meditation and mindfulness, and today it’s apart of many people’s lives, whether that’s yoga, walking, or taking time out. But in this equation, pleasure and sexual health are becoming part of the same wellness movement.

Last but not least, Karetsos brings up sex tech as a catalyst for sexual health and education. By being open and direct about what companies like MysteryVibe are doing, the company is raising public consciousness about female sexuality.  

We’re not just talking just about sex toys but everything to do with sex itself: what used to only be whispered is not being given full-voice and, along the way, the right to pleasure and the importance of comprehensive sexual education for women.

It can only get better

It’s like a glorious snowball: women-oriented sex tech gaining more and more public momentum by being direct and clear about meeting the needs of their customers, by their products as well as being women-run and women-directed enterprises.  

This momentum subsequently drawing a positive light to the benefits of sex tech as well as changing public attitudes towards their use, and then, the icing on the cake, furthering the importance of women’s sexual education.

There will, no doubt, be stumbling blocks, setbacks, and cultural pendulum swings but we’re definitely on the way to a time when sex tech is a regular and no-big-deal part of most women’s sexual pleasure.

And a good percentage of this change of perception comes from women-led companies like MysteryVibe: who will, and are, changing women’s lives for the better all over the world.

Image sources: brian donovan, rawpixel