HoloFilms VR shoot

Holographic Sex and Adult Entertainment: Coming Soon to a Room Near You

It’s time to get active with interactive sex

HoloFilms VR shoot

It is only within the last year that the full potential of virtual reality (VR) combined with sex has started to emerge.

Long the pursuit of sub-standard sci-fi B movies, the coming together of the most primordial of urges and the latest technological advances is slowly becoming the focus of discussion in VR tech circles.

HoloFilm Productions [NSFW] is one company looking to take sex and sex tech as deep as possible. It aims to take the domains into a glorious present and promising future with its research and development centered around interactive holograph sex.

Sex and pornography are always the early adopters of the latest and greatest technology, and the rise of VR has proved no different. However, where the majority of VR’s big players—such as BaDoink VR [NSFW] and VirtualRealPorn [NSFW]—have gone for the classic POV-style adult videos, HoloFilm is looking to develop the next great frontier in digital sex and sex tech: an immersive and fully pleasurable experience that grants the user total freedom of exploration.

(Note: Video is Not Safe for Work)

The project is headed by Brian Shuster and is also a team effort between the likes of Fleshlight [NSFW], XBIZ [NSFW], and Red Light Center [NSFW]; the latter already established with its own adult virtual community.

The promise of holographic sex and what HoloFilm is striving to create is immeasurable. As the HoloFilm website says: “interactive holographic sex is the ultimate prize for virtual reality, but it is also the most challenging.”

Motion capturing your heart

Even with haptics needing time to gestate for a few more generations before becoming advanced enough to deal in such things, HoloFilm’s solution is the use of motion capture” full-body scanning of well-known adult performers and the subsequent creation of near-perfect, realistic sexual avatars. Nice work if you can get it!

The creation process can be tricky. Initially, developers need to perform motion capture of the body movements through the traditional motion-capture rigs produced for Red Light Center. Afterward, separate motion captures are sought for facial expressions before, finally, a third process of “soft-tissue” motion capture allows lifelike mesh deformations on the avatar’s skin and tissue as they move.


HoloFilm is concurrently developing what it calls Syntholograms.

Once developed, Syntholograms would allow the viewer to be inside the scene with their avatars within a 360-degree sphere. That means the viewer/participant will be able to make the space their own by walking around and looking in any direction they choose.

Even the current generation of this technology is very experimental. Post-production work to enable true 3D vision in the 360-degree dome—without causing discomfort to the viewer—can exceed $30,000 per minute.

The results would speak for themselves. Once the avatars are created they can be deployed for any purpose you desire, particularly if you and your partner are keen to indulge in some avatar action.

As an added bonus, the motion-captured performers will be paid royalties and residuals while their avatars are available and being used. Share and share alike indeed.

After a crowdfunding campaign ended in November, it remains to be seen how long we will have to wait until HoloFilm’s plans can be put into practice. With the reputation of those backing it and the promise afforded by their claims, HoloFilm may well soon take its place as the leader of VR sex from now and well into the future.

Image source: HoloFilm Productions [NSFW]