Loon Cup

Hi-tech Period Cup Alerts You When It Needs to be Emptied

Device also tracks accurate data regarding menstrual health

Loon Cup

The “femtech” industry, which produces devices aimed to improve female health, is growing at an incredibly fast rate: after all, it is estimated that 80% of healthcare spending in a household is done by women and that 66% of female Internet users look for health information online. 

With $11.5 billion invested in digital health in 2017, it’s clear that technology is playing an increasingly important role in the healthcare sector. 

After Bluetooth pregnancy tests, fertility monitor apps, and sexual wellness devices, now there’s also Looncup, a smart period cup packed with plenty of innovative features. The company behind it, Loon Lab Inc., won the Ergonomic Design Award 2018 for “Best Innovation”.

How does the Looncup work

This innovative period cup is equipped with two processors and different sensors that register the menstrual fluid’s color, volume, and temperature. Despite its hi-tech internal components, the Looncup looks and feels just like a regular menstrual cup, since it’s covered in velvety, body-safe silicone.

To alert the user when it’s time to empty the cup, Loon Lab has used sophisticated haptic feedback motors, that work in synergy with the capacitance sensors and produce a slight vibration. 

Another feature automatically measures the basal body temperature, so you can abstain from using your thermometer when on your period.

Also, it’s important to note that the Looncup is very flexible, for easy insertion. But its silicone exterior is strong enough to protect the sophisticated electronic components.

The only downside? Because of its advanced technology, you can’t disinfect this cup the old-fashioned way, by putting it in a pot of boiling water. You can still wash it under running water with soap. 

However, if you want to more thoroughly disinfect, you should purchase a UV lamp, as suggested by the manufacturer on Looncup’s official website. If you choose the second option, make sure to avoid exposing the cup to high temperatures.

The dedicated app

Another outstanding feature of the Looncup is its Bluetooth connectivity. which allows the user to “hook it up” with her iOS or Android device To get the most out of her hi-tech period cup, the woman is required to download the dedicated app, that uses sophisticated algorithms to elaborate the data from the sensors. 

The health information is organized in an intuitive interface and backed up online, so the user can access it at any time, even if she changes device. Thanks to the app, the Looncup can make communication between doctor and patient more efficient, leading to better prevention.

It’s interesting to note that the cup can only sync with the mobile device once it’s outside of the body, probably because the woman’s flesh interferes with Bluetooth connectivity. 

The Looncup’s benefits

The Looncup is currently still in the pre-order phase but, when it will be readily available on the Internet, it will definitely change the way women view their periods. With this intricate gadget, that time of the month won’t be just an inconvenience anymore: it will turn into a precious opportunity to keep tabs on a woman’s health.

At the moment, when women talk about their periods with a doctor, they still talk about their feelings and sensations, since they don’t have actual statistical data.

Instead, the accurate and reliable data collected by the cup will help the users to communicate their health status more clearly, and the doctors to diagnose different conditions earlier.

Image sources: LoonCup