An interior robotic view of Henry the animatronic male sex doll

Here’s Henry, the Hunky Male Sex Robot You’ve Been Waiting For

Realbotix announces plan to release 6-foot-tall manbot.

An interior robotic view of Henry the animatronic male sex doll

Drum roll please… the company behind the highly publicized Harmony sex robot is set to release a male version named Henry.

Realbotix, a subsidiary of company Abyss Creations that sells the popular RealDoll silicone love doll, spoke to The Daily Mail about its plans for the synthetic lover.

While Abyss Creations CEO Matt McMullen had told Future of Sex in 2017 he’d been working on a male sex robot at that time, it wasn’t until last weekend that the manbot project was given a name.

Meet Henry

Henry will speak in a British accent, weigh 84 pounds, and stand 6-feet tall. He’ll cost $11,000 or more, based on whether customers opt for special customizations.

He’ll also reportedly come equipped with a robotic penis and hold a conversation thanks to special artificial intelligence software.

McMullen previously said that the current Harmony AI app used to give the Harmony sex robot her conversational skills will likely eventually merge with a separate app designed for the male sexbot specifically.

We reviewed the Harmony AI app here if you would like to see screenshots and read how users can design their companions’ personalities. Similar functionalities of the Harmony AI app will likely also be used for Henry’s AI app, such as the ability to remember details about the user and recite poetry as well as the avatar creation interface.

Since Harmony AI currently comes with three voice options, we assume Henry will eventually have more choices than a British accent.

Interestingly, although Abyss Creations has long said it is mostly men who buy their male RealDolls, McMullen speaks of women’s desires for a robotic male companion.

“Women have the same issues of loneliness as men. People call them sex dolls but mostly it’s about companionship. In this world of computers people are missing out on human interaction,” he told The Daily Mail.

Doll customization

Like Harmony, Henry’s face can be swapped and attached to a robotic head with magnetic technology. The robotic heads can also attach onto a RealDoll body of one’s choosing, meaning there are many possibilities for how customers can pick their companions’ appearances.

Take a peek at the photos below taken from the Abyss Creations Instagram feed. They feature a robotic Henry as well as photos of some male RealDolls available, which should give you an idea of some of the options for how Henry could look.

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Image sources: AbyssRealDoll/Instagram