GPSex Uses Sex Toys and AR to Make Strolls to Your Lover Hotter Than Ever

A sexy augmented reality project from the team behind InBedWithOcean and PussyTalk.

Sex tech innovators Cathline Smoos and Aurélien Fache have teamed up once again, along with graphic designer Landy Ravorombato, to make traveling to your lover a whole lot more interesting! 

The GPsex project is a way to sync up navigation instructions to a rendezvous point with a wearable sex toy. 

Instead of being told the directions to follow in order to arrive at the surprise location, the sex toy plays a game of “hot and cold” with the wearer, sending more vibrations when they move in the right direction. 

Walk on the wild side

Before you ask, it’s clear from the press materials, as well as the playful concept video, that the team does not intend for people to use GPSex while actually driving anywhere.  

While similarly playful to their other projects, the idea is not without some exciting possibilities for erotic adventures. Sure, there’s the big question of doing something so directly sexual out in public, even more so on very exposed city streets.  

But putting that issue aside for the moment, the combining of digital information with the real world, even more so when it’s directly linked to sexual pleasure, could someday be a way to eroticize cities themselves.

Playing like Smoos, Fache, and Ravorombato so love to do, let’s picture a sensory/erotic installation designed so that as participants stroll through a particular urban environment, their eyes are stimulated by selected arousing metropolitan vistas, just as their privates equally get their own special variety.  

This way it might even be a process that could self-condition folks to treat the world around them another kind of sexual expression.  

One thing for sure, it would certainly make the walk to and from work a lot more interesting. 

Previous projects

The sexually dynamic team of Smoos and Fache should ring a few bells for Future of Sex readers, as this will be the fourth time we’ve covered one of their playful and innovative sex tech projects. 

Their first endeavor, PussyTalk, which we covered last June, allowed SMS texts to control sex toys. Here, the mechanics involved a special website where a user could type in whatever message they wanted, hit send, and have that message sent to their partner. 

Because they were “wearing” Lovense’s Lush 2 Bluetooth vibrator, they would then receive vibrations in response to what was typed.

Next up, they created In Bed With Laurent Garnier, an interactive project that used the beats thumped out during the Nuits Sonores techno music festival to deliver more sexy vibrations—though this time the sex tech was used and enjoyed by Smoos herself.

Then, back in October, the team expanded its scope with InBedWithOcean.  This time Smoos, through a wide range of technologies including virtual reality, conditioned herself to erotically respond to the ocean.  

The end result, which also used real-time data gathering to enhance the experience, allowed her to sexualize the very concept of the sea itself.

With In Bed With Thomas Pesquet the team also mated sex tech with data from an outside source, but this time it involved a really outside source: Smoos’s pleasure directly connected to the movements of the International Space Station (ISS), on which the titular French astronaut was aboard.

Image sources: Kat Efkiou, GPSex