Glenn Beck is Worried We Will Become Obsessed With Robot Sex

Shock jock believes society is endangered by the ease of frolicking with robots.

American shock jock Glenn Beck put aside the struggling U.S. economy, gun control, and other issues for a much bigger concern: Robot sex. On his The Blaze TV show, the former Fox News host made it clear that frisky robots are a threat to humanity.

“The most destructive thing for today’s relationships… is pornography,” he argues, considering sexually-capable robots to be the ultimate adult entertainment. “Why would I want to have sex with someone when I don’t have to worry about you and your feelings, and I get exactly what I want whenever I want?”

He says scientists will have fully-functional sex robots available within five years so everyone could have their own “milking machine.”

Glenn Beck is known for far-fetched conspiracy theories usually involving Nazis, gays and/or liberals, but there is one major problem with his concern: Sex robots already exist. Luckily they haven’t created a proverbial Rise of the Machines yet.

The second assumption here is that technology will overtake humanity with its perfect love bots, but, chances are, they will never be the same. Beck’s worry is anything but new: Publishers were (and are!) afraid that the Internet will stop people from reading books, just as movie theater owners were threatened by VHS. The point is that consumers get excited about a new technology, realize the benefits and limitations of it and, finally, integrate the new tech in with the old methods and use their judgment to figure out which is best for each situation.

Beck manages to glide over several benefits to physical human relationships, from procreation to intimacy. There are also benefits to sex robots for couples with wildly different sex drives and interests, physically challenged people or just people who enjoy the company of a robot.

It will be fun to see, in 2018, if Beck’s sex-robots-for-all vision comes true and how many of his own viewers will have a Svedka-style bot in their homes.