Girlvania Review: A Girl-on-Girl Sex Simulator Game with Ice Cream

Interactive sex game features stunning models and a foot fetish expansion pack. 

As demand for quality and immersive adult content has steadily increased and barriers to entry have dropped, we’ve seen streams of new releases for adult titles.

But with so many interactive sex games available and most sporting price tags that more than match their supplied content, where should you be investing your time and more importantly your money?

Girlvania: Summer Lust [NSFW] from Girlvanic studios may be the answer.

So why try this girl-on-girl sex simulator game?

The graphics

This raunchy release, in essence, is a visually amazing girl-on-girl sex simulator game. Sporting highly detailed and customizable models and a unique art style Girlvania [NSFW] definitely caught my attention.

Unlike its competitors, Girlvania shrugs off the fetters of realism in exchange for a more cartoon-like experience, though it may turn away some consumers if you’re into a more realistic environment.

So how does Girlvanic’s latest title stack up to the opposition?

Let’s start with one of the most important aspects of any interactive sex game: graphics. Graphically, Girlvania [NSFW] stands up pretty well. Since the developers opted for a less realistic setting with a cartoon vibe, they definitely nailed it with their steamy streamline approach of models. The technical approach of the four usable models is amazing.

This praise, however, doesn’t come without a really big “but.” I can’t help get the feeling the developers did indeed invest a great deal of effort into creating an amazingly detailed and mouth-watering female model. So much effort, in fact, they forgot to model the other three girls individually, and I suspect a bit of the old copy-paste was thrown in to speed up the development cycle.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time playing and reviewing some great sex simulator games in the same genre as Girlvania [NSFW] and the diversity shown in similar releases like CityofSin3D or SinVR just isn’t present here.

Though there are four sexy women included, it feels like I’m simply staring at four of the same woman in different skins. So graphically, Girlvania gets a pass. It’s just a shame about the lack of diversity in its female cast.

Veering away from graphics, time of check out if Girlvania holds up mechanically.

The user interface

Firstly, I’m going to throw this out there, the game crashes frequently. Today I spent around two hours in Girlvania [NSFW]. In that time I experienced around 12 crashes. But I should give Girlvanic the benefit of the doubt here and preface this with. “Maybe it was just me,” since I couldn’t find any posts regarding others experiencing this issue. This occurred most frequently while navigating through the interface.

Operating the menus presented a bit of a learning curve and I really wasn’t a fan of their design. The user interface (UI) could definitely use some tweaking. The first rule of designing a user interface is that it should be intuitive and definitely not require a tutorial (which is available in the Girlvanic support pages).

I would suggest to the development team, instead of writing a user guide, instead, spend a little extra time making the user interface less convoluted. This genre of interactive sex game should not have a learning curve.

Now that the boring stuff is out of the way, let’s stroll over to the more “interesting” mechanics of Girlvania.

Model interaction and response

Girlvania touts itself as an anatomically correct sex simulator game, which is amazing. It’s been a standing complaint of mine that the models in sexual simulation software generally have no reaction to outside stimuli.

Girlvania [NSFW], on the other hand, has put in an incredible amount of effort making sure all the different textures of the female body react independently in each interaction. Breasts jiggle, orifices adjust in real time to penetration, even the outer and inner labia have their own realistic simulations accounting for their distinct texture and react to every touch as it happens.

No pre-backed animations here, this is where Girlvania shines and sets itself apart from others in its genre.

Girlvania [NSFW], as mentioned, is predominantly a girl-on-girl sex simulator game, but that doesn’t mean guys can’t join in the fun, too. A few clicks and you will be offered a wide array of sexual stimulation devices to play with. Some all-round staples of the genre like dildos are among the options. However, if you have a distinct or more experimental palette, you can choose objects like beer bottles, energy drinks, lollipops, and even ice cream cones.

Once you’ve selected your playtime “equipment,” you’re given full control over the object and it’s time to partake in the action. If you get tired of manually controlling the item or you just need to “free up a hand,” you can also set the interactive sex game props to run on auto-mode.

For players with a foot fetish, you’ll want to buy Girlvanic’s Leg & Feet Expansion Pack to enjoy sexy acts like footjobs, toe sucking, and foot worship.

The verdict

Overall, Girlvania [NSFW] succeeds in so many fields over similar sex simulator games on the market, but in other areas it finds itself wanting.

The detail the developers put into the smooth touchable character models is one of the defining traits of the title. Yet, it lacks diversity and the customization of its competitors.

The hot sexual encounters you watch are wonderfully animated. Still, they don’t feel natural. The women make all the right movements and sounds, yet nonetheless they feel a little mechanical. The environments look like they were lifted from a AAA title, but lack personality.

In essence, Girlvania [NSFW] is on the right track, but for me it just wasn’t there yet, I felt I was playing a Beta version of the software and I would love to take another look at this title again in the future when it hopefully offers more content.

Verdict? I do indeed recommend this title if you are into lots and lots of hot girl-on-girl action. However, if you prefer more control over your models then you may be better off playing a more versatile and less niche sex game.

I happily award Girlvania by Girlvanic Studios 5.75 Girlvania Ice Cream Cones out of 10

That’s it for me! But a final question: now we’ve taken a look at a few variations on the adult simulator software, tell us what you prefer: Realistic sex simulator games or the more animated approach of Girlvania: Summer Lust [NSFW]? Let us know in the comments.