‘Gigahoes’ Web Series Wants to Create Laughs with Sexbots

We know sex robots are hot. Now a team of comedians aims to show how they can be funny, too.

New York-based comics Adam Lash and Kevin Gilligan have written 12 episodes of their yet to be produced mockumentary “Gighahoes.” To get the project off the ground and into production, they’ve started a Kickstarter campaign to raise $5,000.

Set in the 2030s, the web series will follow the escapades of robots from an escort agency called Artificial Intercourse. In this fictional future, the business is the first to switch from using humans to androids for providing sexual services to clients.

Lash himself will be playing a sex robot, programmed to fulfill the racy role of a synthetic boyfriend. Other robotic models will be wired to act like the girl next door, an alpha male jock, as well as a strict dominatrix.

“We are going to have so much sex with robots that it’s going to be insane, and all of it’s going to be hilarious,” Lash said.

Exploring how the humanoid escorts satisfy eclectic sexual turn-ons will be one source for punch lines. Another will come from communication mishaps where robots might not pick up on the subtleties of human speech and foreplay, Lash added.

Jokes will also come from tension created by the release of a new generation of sexbots that make it harder for the escort agency to stay afloat. Just like cell phones became cheaper and better, the latest robot sex workers cost less and have better functions.

The escorts at Artificial Intercourse may need to undergo some upgrades themselves.

“Robot parts, they might fall apart, they might need repair, they may power down mid encounter,” Lash said.

If the web series’ creators pull in enough money, “Gigahoes” will begin filming in the middle of the year and air on YouTube during the American autumn.

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Featured image source: Gigahoes