Getting Down on the Farm: A Review of Nutaku’s CockVille

A queerly remarkable erotic game.

Do you enjoy games like Farmville, with its growing, harvesting, and shipping all kinds of produce? Do you also get off on the hard, pulsing action of a good gay sex game?

Then we’ve got some good news. Nutaku’s CockVille [NSFW] is the best of both worlds: raunchy queer erotic action mixed with a farming sim in a high-quality, well-produced package.

Welcome back Nutaku

Nutaku is certainly no stranger to us here at Future of Sex, what with the company, as well as it’s many games, showing up here up quite regularly.

To use just some a few quick examples, their titles are frequently featured in our lists of great sex games, including the best adult flash games and the best hentai sex games.

They also recently popped up for their inclusion of adult entertainment superstar Asa Akira into their Booty Calls Game, as well as for releasing two new queer sex games in celebration of gay pride month.

One of which is the game we recently had the opportunity to try out: CockVille [NSFW].

Fun on the farm

Like many of Nutaku’s titles, CockVille is browser based, meaning that you don’t have to worry too much about compatibility or need to have a high-end computer to play it.

Mechanically, CockVille works like many other games of its ilk. First, you have coins, that the player can earn through in-game actions and can be spent on items to help make earn you more coins or on fun and—in the case of CockVille—sexy decorations for your farm.

Then you have crystals that can sometimes be picked up in the game but mostly have to be purchased with real-time currency. So while the game is free if you want to speed things up, or unlock features early, you do need to plop down a few bucks to make that happen.

The good news about this is, unlike other games, you don’t need to dip into your wallet to have a good time. It will take time and quite a bit of patience, but if you have both you’ll be unlocking the game’s explicit content in no time.

But is all that worth it? To be honest, yes: as a farming simulator as well as a fun, and nicely erotic, gay game.

Plowing and seeding

farming side of Cockville

The farming side of CockVille is quite a delight. To get things rolling, you first plant some seeds in your little patch of land—which can be expanded as you level up—and then harvest whatever you’ve grown.

You can then take your corn, carrots, apples, watermelons— and whatnot— and feed your animals with them or turn them into a variety of meals with the goal of filling the exacting orders of your sexy clientele.

The game never feels rigged toward making you spend those valuable crystals. Sure, you might spend a few now and again, especially when you want to get to the sexy bits, but game-wise there’s usually enough happening on your little farm to keep you interested and entertained.

Let’s get to know the guys

Cockville People

CockVille is accurately advertised as a dating sim, with the focus being on wooing the handsome guys rather than immediately jumping right to the sweaty bits.

The game also rewards paying attention, as now and again a stud will ask if you remember a certain thing about them. Answering wrong isn’t a huge setback but answering correctly will usually get you to the action much quicker.

The key way of getting there though is all about completing those food and produce orders: doing so enough times, plus correctly answering their questions, will reward you with an explicit picture of them doing what they do best.

CockVille [NSFW] gets well-deserved bonus points for having a nicely rounded cast of alluring and stimulating characters: older, shorter, taller, muscular, thin, shy, outgoing, and plus a nice range of ethnicities every type of man is pretty much all present and very eager to get to know you, the player.

Another plus is that the men have their own distinct and interesting personalities and don’t fall too often into dull stereotypes; making interacting with them fascinating as well as arousing. The same goes with the variety of sexual dynamics they like to get into. Which even includes some frisky BDSM play.

Art-wise, CockVille is certainly an attractive game, with the characters being well-executed—as well as endowed. The gameplay, too, is smooth and charming, with nice little animations accompanying whatever your farm is making and/or growing at the time.

As for the sound, it’s minimal but effective with a pleasant background tune that can be toggled on and off as well as low-level sound effects for many the game actions. Alas, the character’s aren’t voiced but this is a small quibble.

An engaging and sexy experience

CockVille is a lot of fun; especially if you look at it as an erotic dating sim coupled with a complex and satisfying farm management game.

The sex might be a slow build at times but the end result, and the sense of accomplishment when you are treated to some hot, and totally explicit, artwork, is absolutely worth the time and effort spent to do it.

So if you’re into raising animals, harvesting produce, putting them all together into all kinds of tasty meals—and then selling them to a parade of queer hunks eager to get it on with you—then CockVille is well worth a look, and definitely the play.

Image sources: Nutaku [NSFW]