Gaydorado Review: The Queerly Interesting Handheld Game

All kinds of gay on this iOS and Android RPG title.

Chinese developer CocoBear recently released its previously PC-only title, Gaydorado, as a free game on mobile platforms.

A curious blend of erotic RPG (role-playing games), social interaction, fashion, dating, and even combat, Gaydorado’s market demographic is right there in the title or, as Corobear puts it in its press release, “designed and developed with the gay community in mind.” Even more specifically gay men—or anyone who enjoys playing in a gay male-themed world.

Welcome to Gaydorado

The game begins by having the user do a bit of character designing: selecting features such as muscularity and ethnicity, followed by BDSM preference like top and bottom, and then choosing their astrological sign.

After that, the action gets going pretty quickly. In fact, it could easily be argued the action moves a bit too quickly as it often feels like you’re being bombarded by confusing mechanics.

That being said, Gaydorado is still pretty fun, especially when it relishes in its—excuse me for this—flamboyant sense of humor. This is echoed in its color and art design that, while cartoony, is still playfully sexy.

It also doesn’t hide or shy away from its erotic content. While it can’t be totally explicit—being a mobile game approved by Apple’s App Store—it still relishes in lots of well-defined bare chests as well as a good heaping helping of fetish and leather outfits.

Campy fun

Beyond being confused by what’s going on or what the player needs to do, it’s only other major flaw would have to be its reliance on microtransactions. Though, to be fair, there’s enough going on in the game to keep you engaged without having to pay real money.

Even though it may not be perfect, Gaydorado is still worth checking out for its delightfully wild artwork as well as for its wild range of options and mechanics. Because of this, its PC version definitely should have a place on our Top Gay Sex Games for PC and Mac.

Even more than all of this, the developers should be given a round of applause for acknowledging that many people want to play queer-themed games and for delivering a title that’s also campy fun.

Image source: Gaydorado/App Store