Future of Sex Doll ‘Brothels’ Looks Bright As Paris Venue Evades Closure

Police unmoved by public outcry equating service with prostitution. 

In Paris, there is a nondescript apartment building housing what has rapidly become an international trend: a space where, for a fee, men can spend time with a sex doll.

But what Xdolls [NSFW] isn’t is a brothel, at least not technically. And that’s why it can remain open despite an outpouring of public dissent.

Don’t use the “B” word

According to the BBC, an unlikely coalition of feminists and Communist councilors tried to have Xdolls closed earlier this year, arguing closure is justified since brothels are against the law.

However, as far as the police are concerned there is nothing actually illegal taking place when clients pay €89/hour to be alone with the love dolls. So, for the time being, at least, the Xdolls service can continue to operate.

Barcelona but not Great Britain

Xdolls is just one of several similar establishments that have popped up over the last few years to serve a clientele interested in synthetic companies. Quite possibly there are also underground clubs that have avoided media coverage.

One of the first, if not the first in recent years, is LumiDolls [NSFW]. Located in Barcelona, clients can choose from one of four dolls for erotic romps.

As far as we know, LumiDolls is still in operation. However, a similar establishment in Great Britain called Lovedoll UK’s [NSFW] was forced to close after neighbors complained and the landlord evicted the business.

More to come

That both Xdolls and LumiDolls are still in business says a lot about the current state—and possible future of—sex doll entertainment venues.

No doubt someone, somewhere will try to close these legal loopholes to make clubs like these actually illegal. But there’s also a good chance that by the time it will be too late: that sex doll “brothels” will have entered the mainstream.

Give them a chance?

More than that, however, here’s hoping that people will outgrow their hysteria over what could happen and instead be open to the possibility that places like Xdolls, LumiDolls, and Lovedoll UK could actually have a positive influence on human sexuality.

In the meantime, if you’re in Paris and are curious about gynoid sex, there’s still a place you can visit—for now, at least.

Image sources: Inomshog