An interior view of the Onyx2 smart stroker from Kiiroo.,

Faster, Quieter, Lighter: Kiiroo Gives Its Male Stroker a Serious Upgrade

The Onyx2 promises a near-silent yet powerful ride.

A photo of a man holding the updated Onyx2 from Kiiroo.

Hot on the heels of the release of the updated Pearl2 smart vibrator, Kiiroo continues its torrid streak of sex product releases. This month the sex tech company launched the latest iteration of its popular male stroker with the Onyx2.

While the new Pearl2 is all about touch-sensitive technology, Onyx2’s improvements have a more direct focus: speed and pressure.


An interior view of the Onyx2 smart stroker from Kiiroo.,

How it works

The key upgrade in the Onyx2 is the increased stroking action it can now achieve. Inside the toy are ten contracting rings. Whether you set it on automatic, manual, or other user-controlled modes, these rings work together to maintain significant pressure. They also offer the opportunity to control the pace of movement. And if you like it fast, know that you’re going to be in for a ride. The Onyx2 can produce up to 140 strokes per minute!

The new Onyx2 doesn’t stray too far from the original but it is a more convenient sex toy. It is now lighter, making it great for travel and easier to hold for longer periods. For those who like to stay connected to long-distance lovers or interact with adult films, the Onyx2 will connect to Pearl2, as well as other sex devices and adult films via the FeelConnect app.

Another refinement builds on a pervasive trend in the sex tech industry: quiet or near-silent products. The Onyx2 boosts a significantly softer sounding motor than the previous model. For some persistent buzzing or mechanical sounds can really take them out of the moment, so this is likely a welcome upgrade for many sex tech users.

The Onyx2 is available from the Kiiroo website and retails for $219.00

Image sources: Kiiroo