Fascinating Sex Tech Unveiled at Sex Robot Conference

Teledildonics, haptic bodysuits, and gynoid brothel debates.

Scholars from all around the world gathered last month to discuss how sexual robotics will impact the future of human sexuality.

On July 1-2, 2019, the Free University of Brussels held the 4th International Conference on Love and Sex with Robots. Researchers from diverse educational backgrounds had the opportunity to share their expertise and opinions on this growing trend.

Perhaps the most interesting presentations showcased teledildonics. In fact, both mathematician Rudolph Arnold and scholar Leonardo M. Gomes brought two extraordinary hi-tech sex toys.

A new generation of teledildonics

According to Arnold, teledildonics will become an important part of human sexuality in the coming years.

At the Brussels conference, he talked about “Play Me,” an innovative device that will allow the wearer and his or her partner to live out fulfilling sexual experiences, regardless of physical distance or disability.

The device consists of a full bodysuit connected to strategically-placed vibrators and a small anal probe with a pressure sensor. According to the scientist, it will be able to exchange pleasurable sensations in real time between the two lovers, creating a deep level of intimacy:

Conversely, the sex toy presented by Leonardo M. Gomes is designed to be used in combination with sex robots. It’s called “TouchYou,” and it consists of a touch-sensitive system similar to the one of “Play Me”.

At the 3rd International Conference on Love and Sex with Robots, in 2017, Gomes presented another hi-tech sex toy, the Neurodildo.

This mind-controlled dildo prototype is intended to help people with disabilities explore their sexuality, hands-free. When paired with a brain-computer interface headset and connected to a computer via Bluetooth, the dildo will allow a disabled user to control the stimulation just with the power of their mind.

Will sex robots replace human lovers and sex workers?

However, teledildonics hasn’t been the only topic discussed at the congress. Other presenters gave meaningful insight into the sex robot trend and its possible implications in the future.

According to the Daily Star, the Italian philosopher Maurizio Balistreri gave a fascinating interesting lecture questioning about whether humans could really fall in love with androids in the coming years.

Sex robot researcher Eleanor Hancock, on the other hand instead, discussed why certain feminist groups are refusing the sex robot technology and why, in her opinion, they are wrong. Also, the Ph.D. student Alice Fox asserted that putting gynoids in brothels could actually be the best solution to protect sex workers and trafficking victims.

Image source: Leonardo Gomes, Leonardo Gomes