Fappy Bunny: A Mobile Sex Game for Those Who Love Remote Sex Saddles

Models give mouth-watering demo of the new app from Motorbunny.

Come on, let’s be honest: who doesn’t love getting into a fun and addictive mobile game now and again?  

Whether it’s Candy Crush or Flappy Bird, there’s nothing quite like seeing those cute, animated HIGH SCORES and those satisfying musical chirps as you progress through the levels.

But the folks at Motorbunny, the developers of a state-of-the-art interactive sex saddle, have an even better reason to get into mobile gaming, one that rewards users with something even better than shining victories or melodic celebrations: Orgasms!

Hello Fappy Bunny!

Available on the Apple App Store (sorry Android users), Do It On a Bunny: Fappy Bunny is pretty clearly—and Motorbunny is quite upfront about this—a Flappy Bird clone.  

Fappy Bunny features a similarly cheerful player character But in the case of this new iteration, it’s a bunny and not a bird. It also comes with the same goal of keeping your creature up in the air while avoiding obstacles.  

But Fappy Bunny has a big something that Flappy Bird doesn’t: the former supports the interactive rideable Motorbunny vibrator, giving the player a direct, erotic thrill while doing all that flying and avoiding.

According to Motorbunny’s press release, how high the merry-little bunny appears on the screen correlates with how high the “buzz” control on the Motorbunny is set.

But what if the cute fellow slams into one of those many obstacles?  

Well, that’s when things get real interesting, as that causes the hardware to ramp up to full power for a moment before coming back down to its normal level.

Come play with Adriana and Sabina Magic


If you’re interested in a SFW demonstration of the Motorbunny hardware working with the new Fappy Bunny app, and how much can be had with both, then watch the demo video above. 

You’ll see erotic entertainers Adriana and Sabina Magic put on a lingerie-clothed show while enjoying both the game and the sex saddle. 

Without getting into too many details, suffice it to say, you’ll hear many laughs and giggles along with other sounds of enjoyment.

Motorbunny and erotic control

If Motorbunny rings a bell, it’s we reported on them back in January when they announced their hardware could be controllable through their Android or iOS app, as well via voice command with Siri, Apple’s AI personal assistant.

This, plus the development of the Fappy Bunny game, are clear demonstrations of the company’s goal to make their products as accessible as possible: physically as well as financially.  

An example of which is in their About Us section of their website where they outline their goals to create products that won’t wreck users’ bank accounts: 

Everyone deserves to realize their maximum potential for pleasure. Anything we do should be affordable.”

This is further reflected in their policy to accept any returns, no questions asked.

On the physical side, Motorbunny puts a great deal of emphasis on the fact that their products are for everyone and that controls, whether through their apps, via voice control like with Sir, and even the Fappy Bunny game, are all about making sexual pleasure available for anyone—and as inclusive as possible for those who might find typical sex tech controls challenging to operate.

And we aren’t the only ones who think this attitude is an admirable, as Motorbunny has received various industry awards, such as the Best Pleasure Product Manufacturer at the 2019 AVN Awards, Boutique Pleasure Products Company of the Year at the 2018 XBIZ Awards, and even Outstanding Accessory at the 2019 “O” Awards.

Playfully merging technologies


Beyond all this, Motorbunny is a fun company to watch–more than anything because they really seem to have their heads in the right place.  

Sure, creating a tie-in game/vibraor combo really isn’t anything new or special. 

But doing so as a way to make a product one that anyone can enjoy, as well as drawing attention to people with possible accessibility challenges, most definitely is.  

Image sources: Motorbunny