Exploring the future: would you like to have a crowd orgasm?

Let’s imagine what it might be like to have a crowd orgasm, because that might be our future…

This afternoon I gave a keynote at TheNextWeb conference in Amsterdam, one of the largest tech conferences in Europe, on the topic of The Future of Crowds.

Since this was a fairly open-minded group of geeks and entrepreneurs, I didn’t hold back on the ideas of where crowds could go. After laying out the landscape of the 10 domains in which crowds will dominate the future, I spoke about collective intelligence, collective consciousness, and going beyond that, the idea of crowd orgasms.

I mentioned FutureofSex.net and talked about some of the things that we cover on this site, including the potential to directly access your partner’s pleasure centers, instead of or in addition to pleasure through physical touch and stimulation. 

The first step is to help partners to access and stimulate each others pleasure centers, which will be a fundamental platform for remote sex as well as engaging together in the one room. What is possible beyond that is for crowds to interact and engage to stimulate each other on a massive scale. Perhaps we will find that orgasm between a couple will be the richest and most powerful experience. Or possibly it will turn out that orgasms created by crowds will be on a different scale to those between two.

These technologies are some time off, but we can begin to at least imagine what crowd orgasms might be like.

Flickr credit: Kevin Dooley