Icons of a man and woman

ExoLover Is Building a Blockchain Platform That May Transform the Adult Industry

Privacy, rewards, and unbridled pleasure.

Icons of a man and woman

ExoLover plans to heat up the remote sex market with its innovative blockchain social network.

And in doing so, the Australian startup wouldn’t just connect masses of long-distance lovers around the globe. It would offer an unprecedented level of security to haptic sex sessions.

Sex on the blockchain

There is a lot of excitement surrounding blockchain and what it could do for the sex tech industry. The offer of complete privacy is especially promising.

To achieve such anonymity, ExoLover’s decentralized platform will create smart contracts between two people after using EXO tokens to connect. Next a “proof of connect” will validate their interaction by offering a reward of up to 50% of tokens spent to one of the users. This “winner” is determined by an unbiased, mathematical reward algorithm.

A visual explanation of how ExoLover works to maintain security.

Although the EXO platform isn’t up and running yet, the reward system is meant to attract early holders of the EXO token who could gain on their EXO tokens while immersed in a mind-blowing encounter, making the sexual play all the more fun.

Want in early?

For cryptocurrency fanatics who want to get in on the action now, the EXO presale begins May 29 and the official launch date of the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is June 29. The minimum exchange will be 0.1 ETH, with a soft cap at $500,000 and a hard cap at $25,000,000.

In total, 1,000,000,000 EXO tokens will be produced to conduct a token distribution event. 700,000,000 EXO tokens will be sent for exchange on the presale and official launch dates.

ExoLover’s teledildonics and VR products

Beyond the blockchain, ExoLover is also developing a suite of products to enhance the online sexual experience. Inspired by the structure of the exoskeleton, these wearable sex toys cover different parts of the body and cater to a variety of erotic tastes.

For women, the modular ExoSuit allows users to add or remove different attachments. The ExoWand simulates the movement of the penis and wearing two at once enables both anal and vaginal sex at the same time.

But this suit offers more than penetration. The ExoTator attachment applies rotational movements to the clitoris, while the ExoTouch’s mini manipulators mimic embraces and caresses as well as compression and spanking.

The male ExoSuit consists of the ExoThrust, which simulates the feeling of a lover’s vagina. It can also incorporate the ExoWand for anal penetration and the ExoTouch’s haptic touch sensations.

Users can also enjoy the ExoFeel handglove which makes controlling the intensity of sensations easier and does not interrupt the natural flow of sensual pleasure. The ExoBeat module will also capture and send partners’ heartbeats and breathing sounds.

To top it off, ExoLover plans to introduce ExoVirtual, a device that acts as a neural interface that will immerse users into computer-generated scenarios in the realm of ExoReality.

As an added security measure, all of ExoLover’s high-tech adult devices will be equipped with electronic chips that will only work when connected to the EXO platform. The blockchain system should also guard against piracy of adult content since it can only be obtained using EXO tokens.

The global sex tech boom

Demand is high for inclusive sex tech products that can bring intimacy to millions around the world. Global market trends also position this market as an incredible investment opportunity.

In Europe, the adult device market is growing at an exponential rate. As cultural values change and more people in North America experiment with adult toys, demand from this market is expected to jump.

In Asia Pacific, China and Japan are the biggest markets for sex toys, with the former making 70% of all adult devices worldwide. India also shows impressive growth as more of its people consume adult products.

Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand are expected to experience significant growth as well due to increased availability to sex toys and more disposable income.

In Latin America, Brazil represents the largest market for adult toys as a result of increased awareness and availability.

According to reports, the adult toys market in Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa is forecasted to exceed $1.9 billion by 2020, growing at a CAGR of over 4%.

Image sources: ExoLover