Distance Doesn’t Matter: 5 Ways Technology Can Help LDR Couples Stay Intimate

Keep that fire burning even when you are thousands of miles apart.

Long-distance relationships can be frustrating; there’s a person on the other side of the world who is perfect for you, but you can’t touch them. You can’t hold them at the end of the day or gaze into their eyes. 

The intimacy might lack the physical closeness, but with a little creativity, you can engage in a steamy and fulfilling sex life even if you’re not in the same room. 

Here are 5 ways to ensure that you keep the fire burning from a distance. 

Use your words, in a creative way. 

With all of the available technology we have at our disposal, you can instantly send whatever is on your mind to your partner and this can be realized in either traditional means or with interesting gadgets such as a cute Lovebox Messenger or an innovative couple bracelets.  

No matter in which means, don’t wait until you’re both finished with your day to connect, send a sexy text first thing in the morning. Tell them you’re thinking of them while you shower. The idea is to keep the dialogue going throughout the day, so you’re building a slow fire of anticipation. 

Don’t forget, you can text pictures fairly easily, and that’s a great way to add some visuals to the fantasy you’re building in your lover’s head.

Snap a provocative picture while you get ready (in whatever state of dress you’re comfortable with) and send it to your lover as a lunchtime surprise. If you have a few extra minutes, take a series of increasingly provocative pictures and they’ll wonder how far you’ll go.

Wrap yourself with your lover’s voice

When you can both have some private time, without anyone listening in, finally you can hear each other’s voice. This introduces a different level of intimacy, as you can focus on only each other. 

You’ve been building this moment with your texting, now is the time to put those words to use. Tell them how you felt when you read their text, how you couldn’t stop thinking about them all day. Don’t be shy, be honest! 

Tell your lover what you would do to them if you were there and how you would make them feel. 

Don’t hold back your feelings! You can even mention what you’re doing to yourself while they talk, and encourage them to tell you what they’re doing. Hearing someone orgasm while screaming your name can really be a satisfying experience. 

To level up this experience, you can introduce a sex toy at this moment. Some high-tech sex toys, such as Lovense Lush, can even allow your partner to control the vibrations with their voice, from any distance. So, no matter where you are, you will shake along with his whisper and his irresistible voice, literally!

Yes, I know you want to see him/her

You can listen to someone’s voice, but seeing them while you chat is a whole new experience. Seeing someone’s face (and more) while you share a sexual experience introduces a new level of vulnerability. 

Sex is a time where you can let go and expose every part of yourself, and the range of video chatting services available with only an internet connection makes it possible. 

You can begin with flirty talk while you gaze into their eyes, then heat up the action with a private strip-tease for their eyes only. 

Once you’ve both heated the action up and are now naked together, your sexual experience can move to the next level. Mutual masturbation is a wonderful thing if you can hear their voice, but if you can watch them shake while you hear them moan, it can be a wonderful experience. 

Some couples may enjoy taking turns, where you can watch and encourage while they put on a show, and then it’s your turn to show them. 

It can also be fun to try to reach orgasm together with fingers or some amazing sex toys and share that moment together. Whatever your pleasure, video certainly only adds to it. 

Have you thought about using at-home molding kits to increase intimacy?

When video and voice aren’t enough and you crave a real physical connection, there is an option for you. There are several companies that offer a kit that you can use in your own home and make a mold of your downstairs to send to your lover. 

I know this is a non-tech method and may sound a bit bizarre, but it actually can be extremely entertaining for both sides.

It’s possible to make kits for both men and women, so this offers you a chance to do an exchange. Rather than rely on an impersonal toy for your sex-time, she can use a life-sized and shaped mold of the penis she really wants inside her. 

He can use the molding kit to create a real model that looks (and feels) like his actual erect member. 

While she is enjoying this new toy, he can enjoy this also. She can make a real-life model of her actual vulva, and have this incorporated into an actual sex toy. 

So, while he is hearing her voice squeal with delight, he can also be thrusting away at a lifelike vagina that looks just like hers. This can add a fun twist on mutual masturbation, and add a real physical element to the fun. 

Level up your sex time with remote-control sex toys

Remote-control sex toys are the most amazing invention for LDR couples. Because of these toys, we are no longer limited to masturbation if we want a long-distance sexual experience. 

The idea behind these high-tech toys is that both you and your lover can connect the sex toy with a free app, and through this app, either of you can control the toy, making it vibrate and move according to what the controller wants from any distance. 

In this way, you will be able to really control your partner’s pleasure, and truly go beyond fantasy into real action. 

There is a whole range of toys available with remote-control actions, from traditional vibrators to clit stimulators. You can also find long-distance masturbators, which allow you to hold your man’s power stick and make him come in no time. 

To fulfill some public play fantasies, you can even ask your lover to go for a walk with a panty vibrator on. 

For an added twist, some devices, such as We-vibe Moxie, can be worn throughout the day. So, you can surprise her with a little teasing vibration while you’re thinking of her. And the intensity can increase along your way. This adds a great element of control, as she doesn’t know when to expect it. 

Every vibration feels better when she knows who’s controlling it, and it can be very stimulating and challenging to bring her to new heights of pleasure with every session. 

This applies to men as well if he is willing to wear a prostate massager, like the Lovense Hush, while doing a grocery. 

At this point, you must be wondering what exactly these apps can do to the long-distance sex toys. Different companies offer different options and below are some common functions:


Having a long-distance relationship is easier than it’s ever been if you use the technology at our disposal. Maintaining a sexual connection takes some extra work, as you don’t have the physical touch to rely on. You need to maintain more connection throughout the day, and add fuel to that burning fire whenever you can. 

It’s very important to unplug, also, and remember to focus your attention on only them. You have to put aside time and all of the distractions and just be together. You can shut the rest of the world out, and use this time to build something amazing.

Image sources: hertoysreview.com