‘Disckreet’ Sexting App Fends Off Vengeful Ex-lovers and Hackers

A messaging platform designed to protect your digital sex life. 

Without a doubt, one of the biggest concerns people have when sharing intimate pictures and videos is that of privacy: we want only the intended recipient to see our personal erotic images.

Unfortunately, according to a research paper published in 2016, a staggering 23% recipients have reportedly broken their partner’s trust by sharing their explicit messages or pictures with more than three people outside of the relationship.

Even more disturbing, 10% have actually threatened to post revealing content online.

This is where Disckreet comes in. The messaging app shows promise in keeping private virtual encounters and related media just that, private.

Vault to messaging

Back in 2014, Disckreet released Disckreet Vault: a secure medium for couples to share and store their intimate data. To prohibit unwanted sharing, the contents are kept on one or two phones and can only be accessed if both parties plug in their own special code.

No code, no sharing.

Now, they’ve re-released Vault as Disckreet: a new app (on iOS and Android) that brings with it the same respect for privacy with the added bonus of being a messaging platform.

Securing privacy

As with Vault, the Disckreet messaging app locks all content behind a personal password backed up with military grade encryption.

But now there’s a greater degree of control. Each user has the ability to decide when any images or messages are accessed and can remotely delete intimate files from their partner’s phone as well as their own.

Additionally, the Disckreet app doesn’t store any content itself. The moment anything is sent from one party to another, it is automatically deleted from Disckreet’s system. This means that even if anyone should hack into their servers they wouldn’t find anything there.

Previously with Vault, there had been some concerns that a disreputable user could use screen recording to capture content. But with the new messaging app, should anyone try to make an unauthorized picture the account is locked for ten minutes. An alert is also sent to the other partner letting them know about the attempt.

Currently, the basic version Disckreet is free to download from the Apple’s App Store as well as Google play for Android—with additional features available for a subscription fee.

The value of peace of mind

While Disckreet might not be perfect, it is still an important move in the right direction. Developers have been listening to users’ concerns about safety and privacy are working on solutions.

Sex, after all, is often a very intimate, private exchange. That there are so many who would break that trust is one of the darker aspects of sex tech.

But with Disckreet and similar apps being released that meant to protect your digital sex life, there will more options for security and fewer reasons to fear betrayal or lousy, no-good sex shamers!

Image sources: disckreet