Desire App Lets Couples Connect and Send Sexual Dares

Looking for a new angle in the bedroom? Desire is beckoning you to try it.


All is fair in love war, or so they say. Indeed, the language of sex and romance has long shared a bed with the language of warfare. Love as a battlefield, tawdry tugs-of-war, love as an abstract to be conquered.

There’s also the long old tradition of the battle of the sexes, and what better arena can there be to conduct such skirmishes than a loving relationship?

Desire is the erotic app for couples that uses gamification to add another exciting and daring layer to their sex lives. Desire allows users to challenge their partners to complete a series of dares, drawn from a deep well of over 30,000 from a broad range of categories, with more being created every day by the app’s burgeoning user community.

Lights off, socks on

From “Love Sensations,” replete with dares that require light kissing, touching and nibbling, to “Dress Code,” with its promises of going commando and private risqué fashion shows, there’s something for everyone, whether you’re shy or ambitious.

Incidentally, one of the “Dress Code” dares—Cold Feet?—tells us that studies show that 80% of women had a better time getting their rocks on with their socks on than they did going at it barefoot. The dare asks the user to keep their toes covered while being intimate and testing if the phrase “knock your socks off” is more than a theory. Hey, who are we to argue with science?

Desire is a blessing for couples who enjoy keeping an adrenal hum in the background of their courtship. Completing dares gets you points and being in the lead means upping the ante each and every time. Dedicated users may find that within hours they’ve gone from simply whispering “I love you” into their partner’s ear to performing fun and frolics outside and in public.

Who needs Desire anyway?

With its very easy to use interface and broad strokes backed by bright and appealing colors, Desire has done well for a startup that was primarily weekend-only until recently, bootstrapped without funding since day one. The so-called “post-Tinder” app hopes to give coupled and co-habiting users the same breadth, depth, and market share afforded to sex and dating apps for singles.

“It’s common for single people to jump into an app to try and find love,” says Desire’s co-founder Marta Plaza. “But rarely are couples afforded the same amount of time and effort.” The challenge is in finding people who may have a lot to gain from apps like Desire and their ilk.

For newer couples—or those looking to put a spark back into their own relationship—it allows you to explore boundaries and test physical and mental limits. Plus, it’s also a great opportunity to get naked and explore your own and another’s body, and we all know there’s always time for that.

For the greater good

Plaza holds the app’s community up as the foundation of its future success. Desire’s constantly churning output of user-generated content is what sets it apart from its sex tech market contemporaries. Its creation was born from frustration at the lack of variety—intelligence even—at other sex gaming apps.

“When you look for games in stores you find traditional games like ‘roll the dice’ or Kama Sutra-style apps,” explains Plaza. She and the rest of the Desire team felt there was too much phone interaction too, and it’s something they sought to reduce in their own creation.

“Desire is different from other apps in that you actually don’t need your phone all the time. Other apps require you to check the phone while playing,” she says.

It’s another step in what some see as a battle—there’s that word again—to ensure technology brings people together, as opposed to it becoming a brightly lit barrier. By setting a dare, you can put the phone away and go about your business. Those who enjoy adding point scoring and playful bragging rights to proceedings may do so at their leisure.

With extra features such as acquiring badges and rewards for points scored and dares completed—as well as the opportunity to write your own erotic challenges—there’s enough to keep you interested even after the post-coital glow has subsided.

Desirable experiences

As with any sex tech development, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. If the user experiences relayed back to Plaza and the Desire team are anything to go by, there’s been plenty of that going on.

“We get emails and reviews from couples saying two things: thank you, because the game changed their lives or telling us how much fun they have playing together,” she says.

“When I read them, I feel so grateful of being part of a project that have a real impact in couples and in their sexual lives”.

The future of Desire

As for the future, anything’s possible. The aforementioned user-generated content brings almost limitless potential, while plans remain in place for dares and rewards designed exclusively for same-sex couples.

“When you create an account you can choose your gender and your partner’s gender, so it is available for all types of couples,” says Plaza. “In future updates what we’d like to do is that if you choose male/male, you will only see dares specific for male/male relationships.”

Bringing new challenges to the table in your relationship may be just thing you were looking for. Go on, we dare you!

Image source: Desire