Cybersex Company Set to Host 2-Day Sexbot Event in London

Raspberry Dream Labs will showcase the latest research and immersive entertainment.

Are you a sex tech enthusiast located in the UK?

Then free up your schedule for mid-December, when Raspberry Dream Labs will bring together new technology, expert panels, and immersive sensory experiences for the sexbot event of the year. 

The two-day event will take place in London on December 12 and 13, with a location for a party to be confirmed to guests at a later date. 

Hosted by cybersex company Raspberry Dream Labs

Founded by Angelina Aleksandrovich, Raspberry Dream Labs bring together artists and engineering for multi-sensory sexual experiences and groundbreaking research. 

With the aim to promote sex-positivity and the destigmatization of sexual wellbeing, Raspberry Dream labs hopes to design and share new possibilities for sexual exploration, pushing the boundaries of the human body.

The events will also feature customizable sex dolls from LoveDolls, a company known for creating bespoke dolls that feature human hair and hypoallergenic thermoplastic elastomer skin for a realistic feel.

The two days form part of Raspberry Dream Lab’s project “UNSENSRED,” a series focusing on the accessibility of technology, particularly around ideas of intimacy, fantasy, and desire.

With these events, Raspberry Dream Labs hopes to open up discussions regarding future sexual behavior in a way that is inclusive and encouraging of exploration beyond the realm of reproduction. 

Attendees are invited to arrive in their best futuristic, cyber-punk fashion as well as fetish gear. There is a Pinterest board curated by Raspberry Dream Labs founder Angelina Aleksandrovich for those looking for kinky and innovative inspiration.

Livestreamed Panel Will Answer All Your Sexbot Questions

This UNSENSRED event will feature a discussion which will be streamed live to allow people to watch from across the globe, and can even send in their questions to be answered by the expert panel. 

The panel will also dive into the debate around sexbot ethics, bringing together experts to discuss concerns about the design and use of the sexual technology. This will include the controversial topic of sex doll and sexbot consent, which has dominated recent discourse on the technology and has also spread to concerns regarding how sex dolls and sexbots are covered by legislation.

Attendees and those watching the livestream will also have the opportunity to learn more about how sexbots are designed and manufactured, providing exclusive insight into behind-the-scenes of the creative and engineering process. 

Panel members include the author of Love and Sex With Robots, David Levy, Ph.D.; CEO of RealDoll (manufactured by Abyss Creations), Matt McMullen; and Isabel Millar, Ph.D., a Sex and artificial intelligence researcher. 

Get drawn into fantasy at the sexbot party

The party will take place on December 13th and will feature the latest sex technology as well as choreographed entertainment and experiences. 

Techno music will be provided by TWIST3DJAY, ØTTA, P RISCO and Metaraph throughout the night. 

The event will take place across a series of rooms, as well as in a main hall, providing the perfect environment for experimenting with new technology and learning more about different sexual desires in exciting and unexpected ways. 

One of the most mysterious features of the party takes place in the Playroom—a space specifically designed by Raspberry Dream Labs for a technological experience that targets all the senses.

During the 45 minute event, guests are taken through an interactive play across a specially designed set, using the featured technology in a choreographed experience designed by founder Angelina Aleksandrovich.

The aim of this play was to create a fully-immersive experience so that guests can lose themselves in fantasy and allow for self-exploration within a sex-positive environment. 

For guests looking to explore their kinky side, an interactive dungeon will be available to check out BDSM equipment and furniture as well featuring all the latest sex tech including VR sex and teledildonics.

Attendees hoping to learn more about sex dolls will be provided with an opportunity to see more of the technology and craftsmanship behind the customizable sex doll from LOVE DOLLS which will be featured at the event. 

A potential highlight of the event is the Bass Orgasm Machine, created by Adam John Williams (also known as Chemical Adam), a musician, digital artist and programmer. Williams has created artworks based on themes of sexuality and gender which have been featured at the Tate Modern and on television, and will doubtlessly be an exciting addition to the event. 

For those interested in attending Raspberry Dream Lab’s events, tickets can be purchased on Eventbrite for December 12, as well as on a second Eventbrite page for the party on December 13.

Image sources: Raspberry Dream Labs