Cults, Sexbots, and Consent: Dreaming of a Feminist Sexbot Brothel

Uniclone Unicron sure has a unique take on the future of human sexuality.


Without, hopefully, being too judgmental, this is going to be a weird one.

After all, as the title says, we’re going to be looking at a self-professed cult leader, her plans to create a brothel to explore human-robot sexuality—and her insistence that visitors receive clear consent from the dolls before getting intimate.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Welcome to UNICULT

As always, it’s good to start at the beginning. Uniclone Unicron, real name unknown, is the leader of UNICULT, which is described as “a collaborative effort for anyone who wants to work towards the goal of creating a bright and hopeful future.”

So far so good, right? But the same site also offers other, shall we say unusual, benefits to those who are willing to join. How unusual? Well, how about learning telepathy?

That aside, part of UNICULT is called 3V3, whose mission is dedicated to:

Bringing about matriarchal change in individuals and industry. Comprised of women and non-binary individuals, 3V3 utilizes both technology and magic to promote values of equality for all, empowerment, nurturing acceptance, and life-sparking change.”

Eve’s Robot Dreams

A key component is the creation of Eve’s Robot Dreams: a West Hollywood sex doll brothel where you must get your doll’s permission before any erotic play.

As the project’s now-defunct Indiegogo page explains, one of the big motivations for trying to open the brothel is to help build a world where robots are treated with the respect they deserve, thus not contributing to a potential robot rebellion in the future.”

Remarkably, the dolls to be used are not simple or cheap but rather state-of-the-art, high-end RealDolls [NSFW]. The crowdfunding page even suggested signing up for the Realbotix app, allowing potential customers to bring their customized digital companion to the establishment to upload it into one of the available bodies.

Due to health and safety concerns, the campaign warned customers they would have to bring their own vaginal or anus insert or purchase them on-site

A slow campaign

Harmony sexdoll head

It would be easy to dismiss Uniclone Unicron, but she does seem to come with some respectable qualifications: her bio on Indiegogo saying she was a writer involved with RealDoll’s amazing Harmony sex doll head.

Unfortunately, the 2018 campaign was not successful and closed down, having received just 1% ($2,659) of the requested $155,000 to get the brothel up and running.

Averting the robopocalypse

A question about the project that isn’t addressed with any kind of detail on the campaign page is how exactly were customers expected to receive consent from the dolls?

While some sex doll makers, at least partially, have addressed this, RealDoll’s doesn’t appear to have a consent feature. But this is just splitting hairs, as an even more interesting issue about the dolls and the brothel is how all this will somehow stave off a robot apocalypse.

Is Unicron hoping that when they rise up she and her followers, and customers with signed affidavits attesting to receiving consent before engaging in sexbot pleasures, will be spared?

An image immediately comes to mind of a cybernetic tribunal where humans are on trial with the defendant being a sex doll: “Spare him, Your Digital Honor: he honored my Terms And Conditions!”

Interesting questions


Joking aside, even though it’s doubtful that anything will come of Uniclone Unicron and her consensual robosex emporium, it’s still fascinating to see how she, and her cult, have addressed the philosophical issues around sex robots.

And, who knows, where the robots do rise up we’ll bemoan that all of it could have been avoided if we’d just listened to her: and, of course, gotten our irrefutable consent from our sexbots.

Image sources: Eve’s Dreams