Crowdfunding for VR Sex Game Controller Relaunched After Overwhelming Demand

A case of sex tech that isn’t just popular, but surprisingly so. 

Crowdfunding, as anyone who has experience in it will say, often attracts more failure than success. In fact, The Crowdfunding Centre has reported that, depending on the platform, failure rates can be as high as 89%.

But in the case of virtual reality game controller VirtuaDolls, an unexpected and high demand for the sex device forced its developer, William Spracklin of Eos Creative Group, to pause his Indiegogo campaign so he could regroup.

VirtuaDolls is an interactive and artificial vagina. When coupled with the 3D-animated game Girls of Arcadia, the campaign page claims it will take immersion and adult gaming to a whole new level.

It has a programmable stroker for mimicking the feeling of sex, which is enwrapped in a sleeve that can be swapped out for easy cleaning. There are also six different sleeve textures to choose from. The controller can also be used with virtual reality gear and operated with a Xbox gaming controller

Using the device,  Girls of Arcadia gives players a sexual reward from its virtual female characters for defeating game challenges. Or, if the user just wants to get down to it, they can bypass the game part and get straight to the erotic fun.

After raising $7,000 of the initial $20,000 goal, Spracklin halted the Indiegogo campaign. On February 2, The VirtuaDolls Twitter feed said they needed time to prep for the high demand. “

As of February 5, Spracklin restarted the crowdfunding campaign with a new goal of $50,000. VirtuaDolls tweeted its crowdfunding relaunch and news of its popularity.

Currently, the new drive has generated more than$26,000 in total, with one month left to attract the remaining funds.

Hopefully, other developers and investors will look at the interest in sex tech like VirtuaDolls and accept that erotic technology is hotter than ever.

Image source: VirtuaDoll