Cliovana: In Search of The Equal O(rgasm)

The push for equal rights and opportunity is stronger than ever.

While many people can be heard openly discussing ways to rectify gender inequalities like the pay-gap, much fewer talk about another disparity that exists between men and women: the pleasure gap.

What is the pleasure gap? The pleasure gap refers to the tremendous (and staggering) difference between a man and a woman’s ability to orgasm during heterosexual sexual encounters. Surprise—men orgasm more!

But odds are, if you are sexually active, you already knew that.

Anti-climactic results

A recent study published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy called Women’s Experiences With Genital Touching, Sexual Pleasure, and Orgasm: Results From a U.S. Probability Sample of Women Ages 19 to 94 was conducted by experts Debby Herbenick, Tsung-Chieh (Jane) Fu, Jennifer Arter, Stephanie A. Sanders, and Brian Dodge.

Reported findings showed that only 18.4% of women were able to orgasm from penetration alone. So what are we doing to fix that?

It starts with education, and it turns out PornHub hasn’t been teaching the right material.

While only 18% of women reportedly orgasm during intercourse from penetration alone, that rate of climax increases when clitoral stimulation is included in the mix. The same study found that 36% of women can orgasm from clitoral stimulation alone—and fortunately, doctors paid attention.

Snake oil or solution?

A new treatment called Cliovana has been invented that addresses the pleasure gap head-on. It is a non-invasive procedure (patent pending) that stimulates the body, specifically the genitals, in a way that promotes cell regeneration.

During the procedure, soundwave therapy is used to increase clitoral responsiveness that will increase a woman’s arousal levels, as well as the frequency of orgasms she will experience during sex.

While the medical industry has spent years trying to improve sexual experiences for men, this procedure has been created to enhance a woman’s ability to experience pleasure during sex. Unlike previous attempts to help this demographic, it doesn’t involve a pill with serious side effects or the tired idea that wrongly focuses solely on vaginal orgasms.

CCG—an investment company in Denver, Colorado focused on relevant consumer, franchising, and lifestyle brands—added Cliovana to its portfolio, recently investing 20 million dollars into the treatment.

However, CCG isn’t the first company to recognize the importance of making sex more enjoyable for people with vulvas. As we’ve seen from the new products hitting market in the sex tech industry—one focused on creating “technology, and technology-driven ventures, designed to enhance, innovate and disrupt in every area of human sexuality,”—companies like Lora DiCarlo, Dame Products, Mystery Vibe, and Pulse are among the many female-founded ventures that have been working toward this goal..

It’s exciting that Western medicine has joined the mission with a seemingly improved and woman-friendly approach, right? Let’s hope that with the emergence of Cliovana, women are all one step closer to realizing a new kind of Equal O!

Image sources: Cliovana/Facebook