CamSoda’s BlowCast Sells Virtual Oral Sex Sessions for $1

Is the next big step in teledildonics digital fellatio?


Say what you want, but you have to give the folks at Camsoda [NSFW] a round of applause: one, for a really clever concept and, two, for having the cojones to refer to their new BlowCast [NSFW] as “the iTunes of Blowjobs.”

Why? The webcam site is selling digitally recorded oral sex from its adult performers.The virtual fellatio can then be played back and enjoyed via an interactive sex sleeve.

Many folks have written about recent teledildonic breakthroughs, including us, and we’re all almost getting used to the idea of linking one or more sex toys together via the Internet, but CamSoda clearly looked at this and had a lightbulb moment.

Why not have some adult entertainment stars use their oral sex skills on one of those smart toys—and then let their fans enjoy the pleasure from home??

Ta-da: BlowCast!

To be fair, Engadget points out that CamSoda wasn’t technically the first to have this light bulb: RealTouch Interactive had a similar idea until they vanished down a rabbit hole of legal and technological headaches.

But now it looks like CamSoda will take off, and then some, where RealTouch didn’t.

One lesson the company learned is not to try and invent everything from scratch. Where RealTouch tried to create its own hardware, Camsoda [NSFW] instead have partnered with interactive toy maker Kiiroo.

Using Kiiroo’s Pearl—the “for her” sex toy—CamSoda webcam model’s give their oral best. The recording can then be played back, through the camming site, to Kiiroo’s “for him” device: the Onyx.

An awesome opportunity

As reported by Rolling Stone, CamSoda star Charley Hart says of BlowCast: “I think that [teledildonics] is such an awesome opportunity that they can get it and they literally feel what it’s like for me to give them a blowjob, for them to have sex with me.”

CamSoda is offering cheap intro pricing: free for the first month and after that a virtual oral session will cost just $1.

Whether or not BlowCast really does up the game in teledildonics is yet to be seen, but it’s pleasant to hear that at least Charley Hart sees it as a positive step, and not just technologically: “I just hope with all of these advancements, we open up new avenues for communication and education and acceptance and less shaming in the areas of sex and pleasure and what turns people on.”

Image source: Camsoda [NSFW]