Cam Models Are Using Tip-controlled Sex Toys to Boost Income (and Intimacy)

Interative devices are fostering physical connections between performers and viewers.

As a camgirl, my priority is to build relationships with my customers. Sometimes they last five minutes; sometimes they last years.

The duration depends on personality, time zones, sexual preferences, but also the money they are willing to drop on these shared encounters.

Regardless of how long these exchanges last, intimacy is key. It’s initially developed through conversation, developing trust, and building knowledge of each other.

In fact, for many cam viewers, the sexual side of webcamming is secondary. They enjoy being able to log on and talk about their day with me. If they’re a long-term customer, we can skip the formalities and talk more honestly and deeply about their lives.

However, a big part of developing this intimacy does come from the physical side, which is made possible by advancements in remote sex devices.

These interactive sex toys, often referred to as teledildonics, allow us to explore each other’s sexual desires without needing to be in close proximity of each other.

As many of my customers don’t have a strong grasp on the English language, a physical connection can bring us closer together regardless of our lack of verbal communication.

The simplicity of using these devices and associated software means they enhance the exchange on both sides, without headaches brought on by technical difficulties.

OhMiBod and Lovense

There are several popular sex toys used in webcam performances. One of the best-known range for webcam models is sold by OhMiBod. These vibrators operate over Bluetooth and are sound activated.

To enjoy their long-distance features, you and your partners must all download the supporting smartphone app. Once accomplished, there is the option to use the “Oh!Dometer,” which gives real-time updates to anyone controlling your device on the pleasure you receive.

Yet while OhMiBod’s vibrators have enhanced the level of interaction between cam models and their viewers, these devices are not directly activated by tips. Rather the sex toys respond to the sound alerts models receive each time they get new tips.

For this reason, I feel they are missing that exciting edge that that rival company Lovense has.

Albeit with the slightly questionable and heteronormative tagline, ‘”Let him control you,” Lovense’s line of remote sex toys have revolutionized the sex technology industry. In particular, the Lush vibrator is especially popular among cam models. It packs a punch!


Beyond this dual a G-spot and clit stimulator, the company also offers a tip-controlled a butt plug, a wand, and others. They are also activated through a mobile app that’s available for Android and iOS and allows for discreet activation with a partner (or yourself, if you are so inclined!)

The Lovense line of sex toys have reasonably good battery life and are simple to use. However, where its really out-paces the market is with its patented technology that enables Lovense’s remote sex toys to respond directly to tips on cam sites.

Just download the Lovense web browser add-on and connect the application to your live stream! Vibration intensity and pattern are adjustable allowing you the flexibility to choose a price and power level that suits your performance.

Popularity pays off

Another upside to using the Lovense Lush toy, in particular, is its popularity. It might not seem like an obvious bonus, but having many customers who are already well acquainted with the device by seeing it in the live streams of thousands of webcam models means they know how it works and how to understand the menu options to trigger the vibration patterns.

This knowledge makes my job a lot easier and now customers seem to expect that all webcam models own a Lush toy. In my early streams, customers were shocked that I was yet to own one and informed me, quite bluntly, that I was losing out on customers by not engaging with the physical side of webcamming.

However, the Lush toy does have its downsides. The original Lush 1 suffered connection issues, which was less than ideal during showtime. It became a running joke with my customers as the toy would disconnect and then reconnect, spamming the chat-bar with notifications that I was using the toy.

This is a problem that Lovense says they have addressed in the Lush 2 but understandably many webcam models haven’t yet felt like spending a hefty $119 (USD) on the upgrade.

My shows wouldn’t be the same without interactive toys

Interactive, long-distance sex toys play a valuable part in the development of intimacy with my customers. They get to see me in pleasure as a direct consequence of their actions, which helps to bring us emotionally closer together.

The remote sex toys also help my income, with even non-regular customers being enticed by reasonable prices that translate into genuine sexual pleasure for me. It stops my shows from feeling one-sided and makes the experience feel like a more collaborative process.

In my next post, I will be discussing the screen capping of live-streamed performances and why they are a danger to webcam models.

Images: Lovense Lush, TastyCinnamonn