‘Brainwave Love Checker’ Will Pick Your Ideal VR Girlfriend by Reading Your Mind

A VR headset + sensors = digital matchmaking.


With all the news about VR and sex being the Information Age’s chocolate and peanut butter, it can sometimes feel like that’s all developers are thinking about.

But a new piece of technology unveiled at the recent Tokyo Game Show demonstrates that at least someone is thinking beyond sex—and into matchmaking.

Albeit of the synthetic variety.

According to Rocketnews24, The Noha (Japanese for “Brainwave”) Love Checker is a virtual reality headset with special sensors that monitor the wearer’s brainwaves. When worn, the device shows a variety of possible artificial female playmates. The ideal partner for the wearer is selected by the Love Checker using a special algorithm backed up by the sensor’s data.

The wearer then gets to go on a virtual reality date with this, supposedly, perfect mate.

This is clearly an early, and more than likely a somewhat crude, step in using VR and sensors to “listen in” on the human mind.

But it’s still interesting to see a developer integrating the two. As virtual reality becomes more common, and the use of brain monitoring sensors become more refined, we will no doubt see this kind of technology appear in all kinds of places.

Instead of synthetic mates, there’s no reason why it couldn’t be used to determine unconscious interest between two human beings, or measure interest, or lack of, in almost anything—yes, including the ever popular peanut butter of sex.

Scientists in the field of neurometrics have long studied the brain’s electrical patterns, using their findings to aid in medical and psychiatric research.

In the meantime, if you are interested in seeing which digital girl is your perfect mate check out the site of the Noha Love Checker’s developer: Dentsu Science Jam (sorry, it’s in Japanese).

Image source: frankieleon