BaDoinkVR and ViRo.Club: A Match Made In Sex Tech Heaven?

Industry leaders team up to bring touch-technology to virtual reality.

A recent partnership between BaDoinkVR [NSFW] and [NSFW] could result in some deeply erotic and realistic immersive sex experiences.

After all, isn’t it the dream of most VR porn fans to feel the sexy action as it unfolds before them?

Introducing ViRo.Club…

Award-winning virtual reality porn company BaDoinkVR [NSFW] should be no stranger to Future of Sex readers. We’ve covered their videos and products many times, including their virtual reality sex therapy series and even the opportunity for fans to have VR sex with cosplayed adult entertainers.

While BaDoinkVR [NSFW] handles the virtual reality side, ZeroTransform, Inc, is developing haptic technology needed to simulate touch. Together the technologies will integrate with

While ViRo.Club: a software platform that will allow performers and users to create their own animated avatars.

The platform will enable users to physically connect with X-rated adult action by using interactive sex toys equipped with touch feedback.

Things to come

“We are seeing a shift towards a higher adoption rate with VR, a higher demand for new content, and less intimidation on form factor,” CEO and Creative Director Justin Moravetz at ZeroTransform, Inc. told VRScout speaking of the partnership.

This means the install base is growing and so is the reach to regions across the globe. It’s difficult to gauge revenue in the early days of VR since most of the funding was made available by grants from companies like Oculus, Google, and the like. But next year should be a great indication of things to come.

What’s particularly interesting about the range of hardware that will, hopefully, be integrated into the platform is how they will all provide different approaches to delivery haptic-touch sensations.

For example, all of Lovense’s popular products will reportedly be supported, as well as many from Kiiroo and WeVibe. To make matters more interesting, ViRo.Club will also support estim tech from companies like Erostek and the MK312-BT Electrostim Unit.

New and exciting way to interact

Moravetz, though, sees this as signs of something even bigger than adding a sense of touch to VR erotic entertainment.

Speaking again to VRScout, he sees this all leading to immersion as well as boosting virtual reality as a more human social interaction through facial as well as motion tracking.

We’ve developed ways to capture attention at a human level and we know this because when we look into the eyes of a VR character, who then smiles; we smile back without giving it a single thought. VR is becoming more social and it won’t be long before expression tracking becomes a natural feature. We already see this feature available in our smartphones. It’s only a matter of time before everyone can smile in VR.

ViRo.Club is still in beta but we’ll be keeping an eye on its progress. If all goes well, this could be a major step in virtual reality and haptic integration: both technologies made better when combined in one sexy package.

Image sources: Virtual Romance Club