Award-Winning and ‘Family-friendly’ Film about Sexbots Set to Compete for Spot at Cannes

Aphrodite Inc.’ has already won the 48 Hour Film Project in Chicago.

This year’s 48 Hour Film Project competition encouraged a group of filmmakers from Chicago, Kick A Rock, to create a safe-for-work short movie about the world of sex robot called, Aphrodite Inc. 

According to, the producer of the competition, Jerry Vasilatos, described it as “the most family-friendly sex robot movie ever made.”

Each year, the 48 Hour Film Project lists certain content stipulations that must be met in order to be considered a contender, all of which must be met within 48 hours of announcing them.

Not surprisingly, the required elements that all the participants needed to include in their work for the latest competition had nothing to do with the world of sex tech. In their movies, filmmakers needed to include a character named Trudy or Trevor Fenderson, a hat, a designer, and a curious line: “I’m waiting for a friend of mine.”

Human vs. robot hearts

Aphrodite Inc. was created to spread the concept that human hearts will always be better than robotic ones. The film begins with sexbots appearing inside a family home on what looks just like a regular Friday night. 

Since Kick A Rock won the 48 Hour Film Project as “Best Film,” its team will have the chance to compete with the other winners at the 2020 Filmapalooza Festival. If Kick a Rock wins yet again, the group will be able to bring Aphrodite Inc.—and, therefore, the world of sexbots—to the Cannes Short Film Corner. 

An incredible opportunity to make sex tech even more mainstream!

Image sources: Aphrodite Inc.