Adult Star Riley Reid Featured in Interactive VR Demo from Holodexxx

Startup seeks support to create hot and immersive sexual experiences.

When we last heard from virtual reality startup Holodexxx [NSFW], they playfully bemoaned that, aside from the company name, they wouldn’t be delivering a real-life (and X-rated) version of the holodeck from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Guess no par’Mach for me anytime soon (sigh).

That silliness aside, the company showed—and still shows—great promise in the field of erotic VR.

Jump ahead from our earlier coverage, and Holodexxx is back on our radar announcement a new demo featuring the hugely popular adult star Riley Reid.

Welcome Riley Reid

Holodexxx uses photogrammetry to scan the dimensions of live models and then presents them inside interactive VR environments. The project also claims to use the latest in virtual human and chatbot technology.

Offered as part of their Patreon campaign, the demo is as giving backers a chance to “Play with one of the world’s hottest adult stars, Riley Reid, in a lap dance experience built for high-end VR systems.” The systems, at least right now, are the HTC Vive, WMR, and the Oculus Rift.

That same campaign page offers a bit more detail on the mechanics behind their technology.

“Holodexxx is built from the ground up in Unreal 4 which provides us a strong platform to deliver on our photo-real humans. Our Holodexxx models are scanned by a state of the art photogrammetry rig, and their animations captured using a next-gen MoCap system. We employ the most advanced chatbot services available, and a fully expressive facial rig to bring your fantasies to life.”

A tantalizing Patreon campaign

There’s still more waiting to happen for us, however.

And the campaign has a ways to go before the planned Alpha launch in the third-quarter of 2019. As of writing, the campaign has received 151 of its 500 desired patrons. But to be fair, the campaign is in its early stages.

Those interested in Holodexxx can download the Riley Reid demo right now or become a sponsor for as little as $1, as a tip, or $75 as a devotee.

At launch, the latter option will allow patrons to access all Holodexxx builds; WIP Chatbot/3D Models; a welcome package of lube, T-shirt; poster, and a door hanger; plus all the bonuses offered for lower-tier patrons.

A real holodeck—someday?

Previously, we had speculated that this kind of technology was a possible sign of a coming tech revolution in adult entertainment. And while they have been a little slow out of the gate, Holodexxx still could be a game-changer: offering as it does high-end graphics, motion-capture of adult entertainers, and is working to create a platform for members’ erotic creations.

Although might not be a true holodeck, it actually could be, in its own way, the distant ancestor of that same fantastic technology—we just have to give it a bit of time and support.

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