A Touch of Tenderness: A Look at Cosmetics and Sex Dolls

Applying makeup to love dolls as an act of intimacy and illusion.

With ultra-smooth silicone skin, meticulously calibrated actuators, 3D-printed components, sophisticated artificial intelligence, and masterfully engineered synthetic genitalia, a lot of work has certainly been put into the design and manufacture of sex dolls.

However, regardless of all the care that’s gone into their mechanics, it’s easy to forget that, for many of their owners, dolls are much more than sexual wellness devices.  

Makeup as a way to add humanity to the artificial

“A lot have been emotionally hurt or simply aren’t compatible socially or emotionally with others,” says Kevin, the CEO of Fine Love Dolls [NSFW], while speaking to Dazed Digital. “And, yes, dolls act as a therapy in that sense.”

At first glance, Kevin’s company looks like many other high-end sex doll manufacturers. But, by digging a little deeper, you’ll discover that they also carry more than just erotic attachments for their dolls.

“All doll owners will need make-up at some point, regardless of where they buy the doll from,” Kevin adds, explaining why his company and others sell makeup kits for dolls. “”

These statements raise some interesting questions: could makeup become an important tool to make gynoids more lifelike? 

Could this quest for realism and humanity be another reason to change what we think of sex dolls owners—and their relationships with their dolls?

Making a gynoid more lifelike with makeup

We’ve talked about sex doll owners and their emotional connection to their gynoids many times here at Future of Sex. We covered common misconceptions and interviewed different members of the iDollator culture.  

In addition, our editor, Jenna Owsianik, spoke to Ldpruda, a doll owner who said something quite profound about the importance of the physical appearance and realism of his gynoid.

“Have you ever looked at an optical illusion and wondered how it works?” he asked Owsianik.

“Our brains are very good at finding patterns and filling in gaps that are not actually there. It helps us make sense of things we see and experience. The quality and combination of capabilities my synthetik has enabled her to provide me some of the most sought after connectedness that formerly only a satisfying relationship could provide.”

With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that many companies like Kevin’s decided to give users the opportunity to add that extra dimension of realism to their dolls.  

A powerful tool to get closer with gynoids

But applying makeup on love dolls is more than just adding to an illusion. In fact, it’s the opposite: It can also bring something we can only call intimacy.

Imagine a sex doll owner tenderly applying lipstick, blush, eyeshadow and pausing now and again to see what works and what doesn’t. The image is both alluring and endearingly accurate. 

This way, the artificial becomes artistic, as with each application the doll gets closer and closer to leave her manufactured origin behind, becoming much more lifelike.

In the same Dazed Digital article, a member of The Doll Forum confessed that, for him, applying makeup on his dolls is a transformative experience. “Love to see an ordinary face turned to Cinderella”, he said.

Another user added that using foundation and lipstick is s a special ritual between his dolls and himself, admitting that “[the dolls]really don’t like being seen without their makeup on.”

Using makeup helps these and other doll owners form a deeper bond with the character of their gynoid and, as a consequence, get closer and more intimate with her.

A way to connect to a community

Makeup, unfortunately, isn’t an easy thing to learn. It takes quite a bit of practice, and no small amount of skill, to even begin to get it right—especially when you want to add a lifelike appearance to a doll.

Because of this, The Doll Forum and other similar websites have become safe spaces where doll enthusiasts can ask for help, offer advice, provide tips and techniques, or point others to outside resources.

Other than that, these forums are becoming a way to help many owners feel less isolated in their attraction to sex dolls. On there, no explanations are needed and no apologies required since everyone is united by the same passion.

A matter of affection

Whether you think that sex dolls will be positive, negative, or even just “not something to worry about” in regards to their possible impact on human sexuality, it’s becoming very clear that for many owners they aren’t merely objects.  

For them, their dolls are a form of life: one that they can be vulnerable with, cherish, and even form deep emotional bonds with—and for these owners, the act of giving their dolls that extra level of realism can be a special and even intimate act.

Which, like the makeup itself, in many cases can be beautiful.  

Image sources: Sharon Wesilds, Breezy.Luik, Mishka Valentino